Monday, June 28, 2010

Littlest person love...

20 months is such an amazing age!

There are many things I'm loving about him at this point:

  • He has a number of relatively clear words, not a lot (not as many as I might have expected after his initial burst of language many months ago), but it's actually his baby babble that I'm loving right now. The way someone might ask him a question and he'll respond confidently in baby babble - he understands pretty much everything we say to him, and he's responding to us with words, we just haven't learned his language - which puts us at a disadvantage, really!
  • He has his finger on the pulse of how this household works. When dinner is ready, he races up to his chair, ready to be hoisted into his seat, and when it's done, he gathers up the placemats and toddles them out the the kitchen while the rest of us clear the plates - the placemats are his job, and he knows it!
  • He hardly ever feeds to sleep anymore and is just as happy to lay next to me quietly to doze of, as with his dad (has taken many months for him to settle like this for me, which was frustrating because he also wouldn't settle at the boob, my "secret weapons" were basically redundant when it came to going to sleep.
  • He loves so cuddle up on our laps like a cat and just sit and watch tv, or listen to a conversation - this is a new thing amongst our children.
  • He has perfect table manners - if by perfect table manners you're supposed to hold your utensil in one hand and shovel the food into your mouth with your free hand!
  • He's a champion burper, too! Somehow, at the tender age of 20 months, he's already discovered that burping is a fantastic way to gross mum out and he's guaranteed to accomplish one loud, extended burp per nighttime meal, often more, and if subsequent burps are not forthcoming, he's more than happy to *fake* a burp. Burping is always followed by copious giggling - which I think is his innate self-preservation skills kicking in to disarm mama from losing her cool!
  • Whenever his nappy is changed, he clambers for the discarded nappy bag and is keen to chuck it out on the front porch (yes, we leave them there until someone is prepared to take them around the side of the house to the bin, no they don't sit there for hours and days). This, of course, is just a ploy to get the front door open so he can try and escape out the front gate...
  • Many times a day, he comes and hugs my legs or lays his cheek on my knee before running off again.
  • He's already mad-keen to be part of whatever the other boys are doing whether it is an impromptu conga line through the house or playing hide and seek.
  • The way his likes to lay on top of me in bed at night, particulary laying his head on my head like a pillow, or on the hollow of my waist as I lay on my side.


Rachael said...

He's just gorgeous Sif, I can see his beautiful personality from here :).

I know you know but enjoy this last blush of baby innocence before the tantrums and tears truly set in!

Sif Dal said...

Oh gosh yeah! He actually started throwing tantrums - complete with back arching, kicking and flailing, but as I've never really had a toddler do that before (it's usually my four year old, Bryn is midst peak tantrum phase right now), it's kind of cute and novel in comparison...

Good Job!