Friday, June 18, 2010

Nice things from today...

I have a headcold and feel a bit fluey, and yet today, more than in recent times, I've felt a lightness and a "easy flow of the Universe" - maybe I'm delirious!

Today Dave got a call from the graphic artist agency he signed up with in March. They asked what days he might be available next week! We honestly thought they'd filed his details in the bin because we hadn't heard hide nor hair from them in three months! So, maybe he'll get some work soon!

I handed in all my assessment tasks, permission slips and timesheets for my course. I'm hoping I haven't missed anything, and assuming I haven't forgotten anything this means I have one class to attend with an in class assessment and I'm DONE with this course, finally! PHEW!!!

Today a good friend had a mid-pregnancy scan. Not only is her baby growing and developing well, but she discover she is have a little girl! I had felt she was having a boy, but I was secretly hoping I was wrong about that! So nice she can round her little family off with a girl to go with her big boy, big girl and little boy, yayness!

As I was leaving school after handing in my assessments I saw my bus at the bus stop 50 metres away. I broke into a run but when I was about 20 metres from the stop, the bus pulled out, I stopped running and the bus passed me but seemed to be slowing I turned to look at it as it stopped in the traffick stream behind me, I wasn't sure if the driver had stopped for me or the lights a little further down the road. Then the doors opened! Like the gates to heaven, I tell you! So, I ran, through one lane of traffic, and jumped on the bus! What a random act of kindness.

As I was getting home a mum of a boy in Luey's class from last year collared me outside our house, she was on the way to school, just up the street. She asked if it was ok for Luey to come for a playdate. I said of course it was, and she headed off. An hour later the boys came home from school and minutes later we heard a friend of Luey's standing at the front gate. He went out then came in asking if he could go and play. I went out to find two school mums at the gate, one being the one I talked to earlier, the other was one of Luey's bff's mums (the girl who had been calling him from the gate)... Turns out the old classmate lives just up the street, so Luey walked up to his friends house with the others and came home an hour later! This is what makes me so happy about having moved to this area!

Oh, and the sun shone today...

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Kate said...

Awesome post!

Yayness all round :)

Good Job!