Friday, July 30, 2010

Adelaide seminar trip: humble and inspired!

So, I'm at the end of my second day on campus. I've had interviews with both my superviors, attended a seminar, a literati group, a poetry workshop... In short, it's been like drinking from an oasis!

Hearing others talk about their projects has me itching to get stuck imto my story! Speaking of which the feedback has been AMAZING and suprising to me. Several people commented enthusiasticly about how well they connected with my Lily, and how real she is on the page.

My main supervisor was really enthusisstic about my change to first person present and said it suited the story well and has provided so much more depth to the narrative.

Honestly, I've felt completely humbled by all the praise, i wasn't expecting it because i didn't feel i'd put enough effort into the writing to merit this kind of response at all.

I've also been gifted with some great insights of things to work on and emphasise, and ideas that will flesh out different aspects of the plot!

I just wish I could get to Adelaide every fortnight for seminars and groups!

Here's a bit of a scary revelation though... I have to have my thesis novel and exegrsis ready for final review by my supervisors by mid-October, so I'mready to hand it over to the examiners by the end of October! I've got 11 weeks to finish in!

*cue Jaws music*

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