Monday, August 09, 2010

Getting into a character's head is exhausting!

model - Ana Beatriz Barros
I just spent some time googling to try and find someone on the interwebz who looks something like my protagonist.  The model to left is about as close as I could get, though Lily's lips aren't as full as that and she has a proper fringe, not that swept aside look, but the eyes are very similar and the hair colour is right.

I spent a while this morning writing the second draft of chapter four (out of 31).  By the end of today, I want to be finished with chapter 8.  By the end of next weekend, I want to be finished with the second draft.

It doesn't take me very long to write.  I know this story so well now, and I know my characters as if they were family.  I wrote 1200 words in about an hour this morning but since then I've been wiped out!

It didn't help that I needed to lay down with Ari to get him off to sleep for his nap (he falls asleep when he believes you're falling asleep, which is basically when you ARE falling asleep, and that's usually Dave's job because he's very good at falling asleep!)...

I was thinking about it because, you know, I got a good night's sleep last night and was fairly awake before I started writing but after just one hour I was exhausted.  The only conclusion I could come to was that getting into someone else's head is exhausting!  I have to be inside their heads to feel their emotions and know how they would act or react in any situation, and get that down as honestly as possble.  Also, today, Lily was zipping right along the emotional pendulum, from sad to anxious to aroused to scared out of her wits!  So, in order to get this all down on paper (on screen), I had to ride that ride with her.

Right at the end of chapte four, she passes out and I was pretty much ready to do the same!

So, now I'd better get something to eat and hope that gives me the fortitude to write another four chapters before bed time!

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