Friday, August 27, 2010

Getting there...

I'm in an emotional hole.  What's new.  It's me, I suck, I know...  What's new.


In other news!

I'm going to do it!  I'm going to finish this degree THIS YEAR!

This week, so far I've written 23 500 words.  Tonight, I plan to write another 2.500 words, and then tomorrow I'll finish the final 3000 words.  That's only the second draft, and I'll hand that in early next week after a quick copy edit for a supervisor's review (x2), and hopefully get some feedback when I go to Adelaide the following week.  In the meantime, I'll get started on the exegesis (another 10 000 words), for which I need to do a bit of reading.  After I get back from Adelaide I'll do the final draft and finish the exegesis and hand everything in for the final review by my supervisors by the middle of October.  Assuming there aren't any big issues that need to be addressed.  Everything will then be passed onto my examiners.

A month ago, I was seriously considering dropping out of the degree and just going to work in Children's Services.  A week ago, I still wasn't sure I would get this done, though by then I knew I wanted to!

This morning, I thought I'd lost my entire 2nd draft into the interwebz ether, and for a frantic 20 minutes I wanted to slash my wrists in utter display (Dave was about ready to slash my wrists for me because I was making so much noise with my wailing and yammering at the Universe for being something I can't mention in front of the children)...

OMG!  I want to sign up for my PhD right now!

I think it's like giving birth.  While you're in labour you swear you don't know what you were thinking when you got pregnant and you are certainly NEVER going to do this again!  Then the baby comes out and you hold it and you're fill with the high of the achievement and you think, "I could do that again, right now!"...

This is why I keep going back - for babies and degrees...  There's a book in that...

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