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Spot the difference

Here's a good, old fashioned "before and after" blog for you!

I've been feeling a bit down and washed out lately due to a range of things going on in my life, not least of all the weather (I'm sure I've probably mentioned that before, haven't I?).  So, yesterday, I decided I needed to take the bull(shit) by the horns and shake off my doldrums.  When I get down, I tend to become apathetic about stuff - including housework - and as um, helpful, as Dave is, there seems to be stuff that the male of the gender so often *just can't see* (I know there are exceptions, but seriously, they seem to be few and far between)...

So, I did a quick whip around with the camera before rousting the troops from their daydreams and getting some order back into the house...  These aren't in perfect order, and they not the best quality, and all the angles aren't exactly the same, but you get the picture...  Befores on the left, afters on the right (I'm hoping you'd be able to work that out yourself, but just incase it isn't obvious...).

Remember:  clicking on the photos enlarges them :)

Study:  Dave's desk

Study: my desk
Study.  Can I just say, HALLELUJAH for sharing the study
with Dave now and having indisputable right to just clean it
whenever I see the need!  NEVER AGAIN with I let him get away
with the disaster zone he created at our last place - none of that
floor/chair mess is mine.
Erik's room, left side
Erik's room, right side - on the whole, Erik is actually quite
a tidy boy, it never gets worse than these befores.
Luey and Bryn's room from doorway; quite frankly,
this before picture isn't bad, it get's MUCH worse than
this, I mean, you can actually still see the floor!  The
hoodie in the after picture was removed to it's proper home
after I took this photo...
I went back and fixed that fallen bunk rail after I took
the photo - it's just screwed into the wood but after several
dismantles and rebuilds the screw is loose and tends to
pop out.
The front entrance:  note all the stuff just piled on top of the
cabinet.  None of that is me!  This is my biggest bugbear!
Ari's toy corner, took this photo more for the LACK of toys
when they are pulled out and I ask people to do a pick up,
instead of putting them back on the shelf, they just pile
them into the toy boxes under the tv - leaving Ari with nothing
to play with...
The loungeroom mantal: another place with stuff gets piled -
admittedly the tape measure is mine *blush*
Why is there a cushion on the floor???  I DON'T KNOW,
I DIDN'T LEAVE IT THERE!  We definitely have a Mr Nobody
residing here, too bad he doesn't pay board!
The mess here is all about people getting stuff out and not
putting it back.  The margarine, in particular, shits me to tears!
Potatos and onions NEXT TO their containers is galling, too.
This before photo is fairly representative of the state of our
benches about 80% of the time.  I really hate doing the dishes
and Dave seems to love standing at the kitchen sink, but he
steadfastly refuses to dry or put away dishes (right now, both
sides of the sink are full of washes dishes that will just sit there
until I put them away, which pisses me off because when I DO
do the dishes I clean the kitchen to the standard of the after photo.
Part of the reason I hate doing dishes is because I always end up
doing more work than Dave would ever do when he does them...
Bathroom shower: we have a ventilation problem in the
bathroom, can you tell?  This mould is seriously only 2
weeks worth!  It's disgusting and frustrating.  There is
no vent in this room, surely that's contravenes some sort
of legislation???
Bathroom ceiling:  by no means a perfect after photo, but
it is better, and I couldn't reach well with the mop...

Bathroom cabinet:  has been worse.
Shower stall door.
Second laundry (yes, we have two, this one used to be a
dark room).  Also known as "Dave's magical Mt Foldmore",
magical because somehow he thinks if he leaves the washing
right there it'll just walk itself to our wardrobes.  I'll add here,
I DO do laundry (have done 3 loads today), but *I* fold and
put it away as well, grrr...  He came home last night and told
me the laundry felt naked because I stripped it bare!
First laundry

As you might have picked up, I have a fair bit of resentment sorrounding the house getting into this state.  That is because while Dave and the boys do do stuff around here it is often a half-arsed effort that still requires a fair bit of rousting from me (good thing I'm good at rousting).  I tend to get sick of rousting and then just let things slide, but then this happens and I seem to be the only person who minds living like this, so then I'm compelled to roust again.

It took 3.5 hours to clean this place.

I will pay credit where credit is due, though...

Toy pick-up; the three big boys
Dishes (including, upon my insistance, drying and putting away) Dave
Boys room: the three big boys
Some vacuuming:  Luey
Some folding:  Erik and Luey
Some putting away of clothes:  the three big boys
Carting out of rubbish: Erik and Luey

One room that was not included in the before and afters was the master bedroom, that also got tidied I just forgot to photograph it before...


Rachael said…
Oh the cushions on the floor! Hate it so much. I know I'm the only one who likes cushions, but if you're going to move it PUT IT BACK.
Leah said…
Oh wow, you did heaps!!! Wasn't squalorous enough in the befores tho to hit my hoarding hotspot lolz!! Feels great tho doesn't it when all the boggling shouldn't be there's get put right!!!
Leah said…
Boggling = niggling

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