Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's not good... (This is not an Election 2010 post)

It's not good when...

  • The Sun is actually shining and I still feel bad (the presence of the Sun always lifts my spirits, if it doesn't, that's not a good sign).
  • It's the 22nd of August and I need to have my 2nd draft finished by the 1st of September. (I should mention I've written 11 000 of 40 000 word so far)
  • I feel like I can only manage one thing at a time, and yet four million things seem to need doing RIGHT NOW!
  • The boxes are still out on the back patio a week after I asked them to be removed to the garage.
  • The house seems to fall into a distressing state if I don't clean it myself or nag others to do it.
  • The fridge needs to be cleaned or I swear it might walk out of here by itself.
  • These things seem to be playing on my mind MORE than my thesis.
  • It's so cold, even with the sun out, it's still soooo cold!
  • I want to crawl into bed and stay there.
I need to break this cycle.  I think I need to give myself permission to do whatever it takes until the middle of October to get this thesis done and submitted.  Graduating next Autumn is my greatest priority.  It's more important than a clean and tidy house, it really is.  I've spent far too long on this degree already.  There is a PhD with my name on it out there!  I want to get started on that PhD.  I saw someone else's transcript of qualifications today and she had done the same degree as me a few years ago, she'd now in the middle of her PhD...  I feel so far behind!  (Yes, I know that sounds ridiculous, I don't care!  This is my blog-tantrum!  Wah!)

Ok, time to suck it up!

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CATE said...

Everything is more important than a clean and tidy house ... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it;)
Good luck, get writing.

Good Job!