Monday, August 16, 2010

My body and birthing...

Hmmmm, forgot to post this last night - must be getting old!

On the eve of my third son's 5th birthday, I have a deep sense of love for my body!

By this society's measure, my body is downright UG-LY!  It's all lumpy and bumpy with more moles than an English lawn.  I have about half a square metre of W-I-D-E deep stretchmarks across my belly and hips from a good 10 centimetres above my belly button down to where the sun-don't-shine.  I'm a fertile ground for cellulite, too.  I could probably survive an artic winter on my excess fat stores.  My boobs, which were NEVER perky and now, kindly hiding the stretchmarks around the aforemention bellybutton.  To add insult to injury, I have a scar where my abs should be thanks to my obstinant gallbladder which needed to be evicted.

So, no, not a body that anyone would want to see in a Victoria's Secret catologue!

All that said, I have to say my body has been AMAZING to me.  In particular when it comes to birthing.  Ok, it's a bit of slow cooker, and for an impatient kind of person like myself, that has been almost unbearably frustrating at times, but when it comes to actually birthing a child, even a 4.5kg child with a 38.5cm head, my body has been sleek and athletic, and I just cannot fault it!

My longest labour was 8 hours long - that's what I get for having an induction, they're supposed to "push labour along", "ramp things up", "get things going", but in my case - and this should have been NO surprise - they seemed to slow things down...

Still and all, that was also my orgasmic birth.  Yes, the one where I gave birth on my back with my legs in stirrups, and an ineffective epidural...  Orgasmic!  Even with an epidural (which wasn't really working well, I'll give you), I was moving about on the bed throughout my labour, on my side, on my knees, somehow my body found the strength to support even with a heavy duty drug on board...

My second labour, induced by rupture of membranes.  My body ever. so. slowly. warmed me up for labour, with 15 minutely tremours for an hour and a half.  Then WHAM!  Full on labour, but still my contractions were 7 and then 5 minutes apart, and in 20 minutes I was pushing, and 10 minutes later he was born.  I had about 10 contractions in total to birth Luey, the last 4-5 HURT, but seriously, give the body KUDOS!

With Bryn, I had a couple of weeks of prelabour, nothing too strenuous, though after Luey's birth I was on tenderhooks anyway.  Then 3.5 hours of she-laughs-and-talks-through-labour.  I had to shut-up and concentrate for the last 20 minutes, and then he was born...

Ari, 5 weeks of prelabour, was NADA really.  Annoying, only because I was kind of hopeful that he'd come early because of all the contractions.  The last night before he was born I couldn't sleep, but contractions we're like with Bryn, never closer than 10 minutes apart (considered not established labour), and 90% of the time, they were more like 15-25 minutes apart.  Then at 8am, they got to 13 minutes apart.  By 8.30am they were 6 minutes apart.  I think in the end they got to about 3-4 minutes apart.  Then he was born in two pushes.

My body is an efficient machine when it comes to birthing babies.

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