Wednesday, August 04, 2010

My grey day...

Researchers have found that depression literally causes people to see the world drained of it's most vibrant colours - depression causes people to see things in shades of grey!

Apparently, this change is literal perception of the world around the depressed person can further deepen and entrench the depressive symptoms in the sufferer.

As a sufferer of Seasonal Adjustment Disorder, I have to say that grey days certainly do make me feel depressed and apathetic.

Today has been one of those days.  Nothing in particular has been "bad", it's just been cold and rainy and Ari and I have been feeling tired after a couple of big days out (though socialising with friends NEVER depresses me, I simply pour a lot of energy into social situations so I need down time to recoup).

Today, I've barely mustered more than the energy to do the basics - feed myself and the youngest child and surf the net.  I need to do so much more than this, and I WANT to do more than this, but when everything is grey it's just. so. hard!

So, I wonder what the remedy for this downward spiral would be?

I did feel better after I turned on the ducted heating - that's why I'm now blogging!

So, maybe sorrounding myself with lots of bright colours?

Interestingly, I'm naturally attracted to very bright colours - rainbow colours!  Maybe this is a subconscious coping mechanism to combat any changes in the cornea as a result of depression?

I haven't had any real depression (as in long last, with that insurmountable feeling) since 2004; just occassional dippy days like today, but with all the work ahead of me in the next couple of months I really can't afford too many more apathetic days like today and unfortunately, I can't simply hybernate until the Sun comes out to play again because by then I'll be out of time!

I guess this means action stations are necessary!

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Crystal said...

What great reading, you have a real way with is all thoughs years at uni...thanks

Good Job!