Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Choices, Our Future...

Today is election day in Australia - my Aussie readers will be saying, "Well, DUH!", but I have a rather large readership from overseas, so in case it hasn't reached YOUR media device...  Today is election day.

It's a fairly big deal this time around because we recently - by way of a coup of sorts (though not violent, per se) - found ourselves with a woman Prime Minister for the first time ever.  Today, we'll see if Australia would actually vote for a woman, or so some people are saying...

I, personally, think that will not be foremost in voters mind, and in many ways I REALLY hope it won't be the deciding factor in this election, either for or against, because there are so many more pressing issues to address and we need the best person for the job, not a man or a woman.

They saying it's going to be a very close election, we might even end up with a hung Parliament.  As I'm not personally a fan of the policies of either of the big parties, I find myself wondering if a hung Parliament might not be a good thing?  For me the Labor Party and the Liberal Party don't represent me.  In fact, both parties are so far from representing me and my beliefs that it really is a case of the "lesser evil".  In my opinion, that is Labor.  Having said that I completely disagree with Labors stance on home birth, on education, on emissions trading and on and on.  Hardly the party I would vote for, given an alternative other than the Liberals.

Standing behind me in the waiting line at the polling station this morning were three brand new voters.  This was their first election and NONE of them wanted to vote.  NONE of them identified with the parties on offer, and yes, they did seem to have done some research from their conversation...

I'm voting completely differently to the rest of my family in primary votes, though some preferences will probably go to the same party anyway.  I wonder what my children will feel about their choices when they're old enough to vote.  For Erik that's probably only 3 elections from now.  Three elections ago Howard won his second term, eek!  Will there still only be a two party choice in three elections time?  What about 4 or 5 elections from now, when Luey and Bryn can vote as well.  In 6 elections time, will the choices be better?  Six elections ago, Hawke won his last election, that was the my first ever vote!  Since then we've had the recession we had to have, and Workchoices, we've seen student unions demolished and the GST introduced, we've apologized to the indigenous people, and voted no on a Republish, we've signed the Kyoto agreement, but failed to really tackle emissions...  What will transpire in the next five elections, and what choices will Ari have when he first enters a polling booth, and will he also wish he didn't have choose the lesser evil?

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