Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Photos from Bryn's 5th Birthday (16/08/10)

So, I'm pretty much just going to spam you guys with photos and comments on the photos - they're just snapshots, so nothing spesh, just good memories for us!

The tradition "Boy with stack of pressies at SHOCKHORROR o'clock in the A.M." These do not include the stack of pressies he got at his party the day before, can you see the delirious MORE PRESENTS look in his eyes?  Next year will be such a let down!

"Can I RIP it?" NB.  The half asleep older siblings in the background!  Littlest guy was still tucked up in bed at this point...

Erik just spotted the "kind" of Bakugan Bryn got, and is already planned to try and "swap" with Bryn at some point in the future...

Bakugan!  Little balls of plastic that unfurl into marvelous fighting machines, limited only by the imagination!

Okay, somehow, I totally managed to skip taking photos of the middle present which was a Toy Story 3 lego set called "Woody and Buzz to the Rescue" that Bryn had been asking for since it first hit the catologues several months back.  I had truthfully told Bryn that I'd looked in Big W and Target for it and they'd been sold out.  I had omitted telling him I then went to Toys'r'Us and looked and looked and *thought* they were sold out, too, before randomly pulling out another box to buy a different (less worthy) set, only to discover it was the VERY LAST box of the set I was looking for!  Miracles DO happen, afterall!

This is the boys, Oooohing and Aaaahing over the DELUXE, full scale, movie version of Woody.  With 50 different saying and two modes of interaction...  Bryn is in LOVE!

Being 5 is pretty cool!

Bryn then headed off to Kindergarten, followed by a playdate with two friends at one of the boys houses.  So, we didn't see him between 8.30am and 3.50pm!  So, the next few pictures are from our day with just Ari at home...

Ari looks just like a blonde, short haired version of Luey at this age, in this photo!  Exactly the same expression...  Right there, he's thinking, Oh NOES, she's spotted me with the TiVo remote!  A.K.A  Toddler contraband...

I can haz TiVo remote?

I CAN haz TiVo remote!

Came into the study to find Ari messing with Dave's DVDs (another Toddler contraband) with this toy bag on his head as a Canny Disguise!!!  Don't worry, it has safety breathing holes in it and is made plastic that can be sucked onto the face...

Dinner time.  Bryn back home.  [rare] Tender moment between brothers...

Uh...  Special, isn't he :)

Oh, did you see that?

Want to see it again???

OKAY!  I'll stop!

I'm a chicken!!!

I am pretty cute!

So am I!  In a gawky, preteen kind of way...

You can't take any photos of me!  I have my protective bucket to shield me!

Getting ready to blow out candles...

And then the cake EXPLODED!  No, not really, but it's kind of a cool effect without flash...

After dinner, Bryn got one last treat, just for fun.  We gave him four lucky dip boxes of Ben10 figurines.  He'd slowly been collecting two series, but had four left of the second series.  So, we gave him four chances to try and get one or more of the last four (you can't see from the outside what is inside the boxes, so he'd collected a few double ups as well)...  Well, out of the four boxes he got THREE of the figures he was missing, and one double up!!!  Pretty exciting stuff!

One last thing before bed.  Call his maternal grandmother because his birthday is also her birthday.

On the morning he was born, I rang my mum to say happy 55th birthday and to tell her she had a new grandson.  I'd been in labour the previous morning and told her he'd be born before her birthday (he'd been due on my Dad's birthday on the 4th, but even dad had predicted he'd probably wait to be born on mum's birthday).  Mum was privately a bit disappointed that she wouldn't share her birthday with her new grandson.  But then the labour had stalled and I'd rung her back to say it might be her birthday afterall.  Just after midnight that night I went back into labour...  I didn't call mum then because I wanted to be sure this was really it.  Bryn was born at 4.33am on the 16th of August, and three hours later I rang mum and said, "Happy Birthday, Mum, you have a new grandson!"

That day I mused to myself that for my mum's 60th birthday, the day my newborn son would be turning 5, he would be able to call her himself and wish her a happy birthday.  He did!

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