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Boys catch up (in photos) and why we love warmer weather!

Making Father's Day cards while Dave was at a friend's art exhibit opening...
Oooh, now what does this do?
Decorating my first handmade Father's Day card for Dad (that mum cut out for me!).
Really, I think he was adopted...  I don't think we could possibly share any DNA...
For crying out loud, who let him out of his cage?
Looky me!  Sitting high up in the kitchen (Ari's fave place to be in our house, he climbs up on these stools himself).
Ok, confession time.  He's 23 months old in two days time, and yesterday was the first time he ever went to the park and was allowed out of the pram - doing the park with four kids isn't easy, and I like to do things the easy way...  Hence the slightly uncertain look on his face.  He's never walked a lot on the uneven surfaces (yes, he's led a very sheltered babyhood) he looked like he'd only been walking a few weeks as he stumbled along in the first 1/2 hour.
The Swirly Slide at our local park is AWESOME!!!  I'm so glad each of our boys has had this as their local park, growing up!  It has everything, a giant corkscrew slide, a pirate ship, a lighthouse, a duck pond, miniture sailing ship club...
Luey's been high-jinxing on this slide for 6 years!
Erik for 8 years!
The "new" pirate ship - it's about a couple of years old, but was in the original playground when we first brought Erik here 10 years ago.
Big boy on the littlest slide, still needs mummy's hand in front of his tummy to feel safe - it does start with an 80 degree dip!
Getting a grip on the bridge.
Cool!  Erik will take me down, don't need you, mum!
Ready, steady...
Ok, let's try out the lighthouse slide!
Three of four.
There use to be a platform with two slides where the lighthouse now stands.  We have various pictures of Erik and Erik+Luey going down those slides (can't remember if we have Bryn on them or not, now).
Ah, yes, the original maze, so glad they've kept this all these years!  We have pictures of Erik toddling through this at 18 months of age!
And even though they're twice the height of the maze, Erik and Luey still seem to love it - or maybe they just love taking Ari through it!
Got to say, this picture makes me all teary!  Take Erik out of the picture, and we have one of Erik at the same size as Ari in this picture (remembering Ari is small for his age) in this exact position.  Now he's guiding his baby brother through the maze!
Love this!  Luey's saying, 'C'mon, Ari, let's go on the slide again." Meanwhile, Ari isn't listening because a pretty little blonde has caught his attention!
Oops, slightly awkward!
'Are you comfyy?'
Ok, just Awwww!
And finally, here comes Bryn, having been up and down the Swirly Slide about a billion times!
This double slide is a new addition, and while we were waiting for Bryn to get up there (after I bribed him with the promise of a lollipop later - contrary 5 year olds do my head in!), I took this photo, and then couldn't take any more, so the last photo is a grainy, blurry pic from my iPhone...


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