Sunday, October 10, 2010


If you Google 10-10-10 you'll find masses of responses...

It's all the buzz today, the date, it's making a lot of people feel giddy!

I LOVE numbers, I really do, I see them everywhere and I'm always looking for patterns and meanings in them.  So, I can't help but be excited by today's date! (imagine how excited I'm going to be about Remembrance Day next year!!!)

I know of a couple being married today - bless them - and what a day to get married, can't say you'd forget that date.  Significantly, the number 10 is often thought to be the number of completion, so for a couple to marry on this date is rather auspicious, don't you think!  I'm sure you remember that who scene from Jerry Maguire, you know the one, "You complete me..."  Yes, well, signifying that you've found the person who completes you on 10/10/10 has got to be a pretty powerful thing!

I also think that in this technological age the binary appeal of the date 101010 has got to be great.  I mean, it speaks to us in a way that particular pattern of numbering has not spoken to humans in generations before ours...  No wonder people are excited!

On doing a quick Google search, I also found that apart from being the number of completion, the number 10 is also considered the number of new beginnings - that shouldn't come as much of a surprise really because endings and beginnings are literally two sides of the same coin, you can't end anything without beginning something else!

So maybe, like me, you're seeking new beginnings?

If that is the case then TODAY would be a really good day for focusing on inviting a new beginning into your life, to start doing whatever you can to bring that new beginning about.  It needn't be a bit thing, what's the saying?  "A walk of a thousand miles begins with just one step"?  Let's take that step together today!  Go find your shades, you'll need them - the future is looking BRIGHT!

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