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Several months ago, while doing my Certificate III in Children's Services, Aldi had a sale on Parachute Rounds.  These are often used in Child Care Centres and Kindergartens for all sorts of things.  They make a great mat to sit on indoors and out for picnics.  You can play a multitude of games with them including forms of Twister, The Hokey Pokey, and bouncing balls on them (they have handles around the circumference so adults and children can hold the Parachute securely and raise it up and down to make balls or balloons bounce and roll about on in it.  Basically, a Parachute Round in GOOD FUN!  This one cost me $30, which I felt was well worth the outlay.

Today we used it to make a colourful cubbyhouse in the livingroom.  On sunny days we can do the same thing outside!

Oooh! A cubby in the lounge room!

It's so colourful and pretty, like a circus tent!

The perfect height of a toddler to walk in and out of...

Moving in!

Inviting some friends to play!
In a little while we'll have lunch in the cubby, yay!  A picnic lunch before Ari's naptime!


Kebeni said…
I miss Aldi for this reason, they used to have the occasional bargain and that sure was. they are quite expensive otherwise. Cubbies are a huge hit here too
Narelle said…
We have one of those too! But, as it's usually only me at home with the kids, it can be a bit tricky to play with ;) I never thought of making a cubby house with it. I'll have to pull it out again! Thanks for the idea :)
Kelly said…
How happy and adorable they look
amanda said…
Oh, I wish I had gotten one of those! I have never seen a kid who doesn't like playing with a parachute yet. :)
Sif said…
Thank you everyone for your comments!

When I brought it out, Bryn (my five year old) exclaimed, "We have one of those at kinder! I didn't know we had one at home!". Suddenly home was as cool as kinder, LOL!
Caz said…
What a great buy! I might have to start detouring to Aldi when I do my grocery shopping :-D Love the parachute cubby, I bet it will be great in Summer when it gets really hot too.
I'm sure you'll find this is a great investment and the children will find lots of ways to use it in their play - a den is a great place to start! I wondered if you'd come and join our Play Academy on Fridays - it'd be great to swap ideas with you. Cathy
Tricia said…
Looks like they are really enjoying it! I actually stopped by earlier while surfing for ideas for our 2nd rain-filled day in a row and am so glad I saw this idea. I don't have a parachute, but when things got hairy for my 3 yr old and almost 2 yr old I pulled out a sheet and we bounced a balloon on it, ran under and pulled it over our heads and tried all the fun stuff as with a parachute - didn't work as well, but in this pinch it's what the Dr ordered (at least, for this mom to remain sane!)
-Tricia at Mom is the Only Girl
Parachute play is so much for for children! Will have to show the photos to my sons and am sure that it will inspire them to get out our parachute and pop up tents to make some forts.
Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day,
Marita said…
I've seen them at my daughters kinder, the children would lie flat on the floor and the adults would raise it up and down over the children. The little ones loved it :)

Your cubby looks so cool and just like an amazing circus tent.
Oooh, what a great price for a parachute, I am green with envy! Love your cubby and thank you for linking up with We Play :)

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