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A few of my favourite things!

Jayne over at Random Ramblings posted a very inspiring blogpost recently which I've just HAD to copy the idea of...

Here a few of my favourite things...

# WORDS - I love words!  I particularly like words that aren't used much, like "gry" (the dirt under your fingernails), which I've been trying to work into my writing somewhere, just so it can be used again (this blog post doesn't count as "using the word gry in my writing", but keep looking out for it, it'll pop up somewhere!).  My favourite word in the whole wide world is "serendipity".  I like the way it rolls off my tongue and I like it's meaning and connotation of hope.

# SUNNY DAYS - Who doesn't like a sunny day, then?  Some people say if it was sunny every day, we'd get bored.  I just don't think I would!

# MY KITCHEN TABLE - Not because it's a relatively new purchase, or because it's a particular design, but because I have always dreamed of having a table in the kitchen that people congregate around, and slowly but surely this dream is coming true!  My almost 2 year old and I have developed a little tradition of eating lunch together at the kitchen table, and I love sitting across from him and having that one-on-one special us time!

# ROAD TRIPS - I don't drive, but I LOVE road trips (maybe because I'm not the one driving).  Crank up the radio, or have someone interesting or funny (not mutually exclusive) to talk to and hit the "long open road"- see interesting stuff, have the best excuse in the world for driving through drive-thrus...  Road trips are excellent!

# LYING DOWN IN BED AT THE END OF A LONG DAY - Like Sinead O sang, "Nothing compares..." That feeling of being horizontal, and feeling all the muscles in your body relax, and drifting off to sleep quickly, it's seriously what keeps me going through long, busy days, the promise of that feeling!

# THE IDIOSYNCRACIES OF MY CHILDREN - I mean, it's a very rare thing to have the living room all to yourself, and FOUR possiblities for SITTING, in our house.  We have more people than seats in our loungeroom, and yet, when given the opportunity to pick ANY seat he likes, Erik prefers to stand on the arm of the chair and the coffee table to watch tv...

# SILENCE - This is a relatively knew crush in my life.  I used to avoid silence like the plague.  I was one of those people who would sleep with the television on.  Having four children and a husband who doesn't leave the house for work has CURED me of my need for constant noise.  Now whenever I have the opportunity, I soak up as much silence as I can!

# THINKING - Close relative of the previous point.  I crave time to just think.  I could happily just think all the time (well, maybe not at night, I could do with a little less thinking in the dark hours).  Turning over ideas and observations is a sensuous experience for me.

# SEX - speaking of sensuous experiences...  Don't get enough of this.  Nuff said.

# DESSERT WINES - I fell in love with Crouchen & Reisling many years ago (thanks to my in-laws), and then I was introduced to Moscato, and seriously, restaurants need to get with the program and put Moscato on their main drinks menu!  Love it!!!

# SINGING - Less related to the last point than you would think!  I love singng, whether it's a made up silly song for my kids, or belting out an old favourite.  It lives up to the promise of lifting my spirits!

# DANCING - I always wanted to be a dancer, but am not talented in that respect.  I still love moving to music though and I love to watch other - more capable types - dance as well!

# CINEMA - When you don't see particularly well, the cinema and it's enormous screen is your best friend!  Most of all I like going to the movies when they're almost empty (on two occasions I have an entire cinema to myself and those were AMAZING experiences - though I'm sure the owners didn't feel the same way), it's like having a private screening!

I could go on and on, every new favourite thing reminds me of other favourite things, there are so many when I start to think about them!  What are some of yours?


Spiralmumma said…
Lovely! Am happy my post inspired this one!

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