Monday, October 25, 2010

Moving forward!

Yes, I just blogged a few hours ago, but I really hate to have a super negative blog up for long.  Mostly people don't like to read a "bitch and moan" blog post, so I thought I'd write up a quick list of the positive things we can and are doing to improve our situation.  Life is a bit like riding a bike, you tend to steer in the direction you're looking in, it is counter intuitive to steer in the opposite direction, so if you don't like the direction you're headed, you have to shift your eyes in the direction to want to be travelling in.  This blog post is me trying to shift my gaze from the negative to the positive...

The Positive Pro-Active Leaps of Faith We Are Making for the Better!

  1. I've organised to have the cheque re-issued and sent to our current address.  The cheque is on it's way!
  2. I'm organising an update letter to show to Centrelink.  I have another month to find some other way to earn mobility allowance.
  3. I have final dates for the manuscript and essay (in bound format).  I am finishing this degree!
  4. A friend of ours is helping Dave modernise his CV for future applications.  This will make it look fresher and more attractive to prospective employers and get him into those interviews!
  5. Dave has re-applied for that other job.  This gives him the best chance of getting an interview!
  6. Dave is applying for two more jobs.
  7. Dave's driving test is booked for February 5th, next year, and he is SO ready.  Only three months until we are a family with a car!
We're basically doing everything we can do to get Dave a job.  Get the money flowing in this household again (and thereby relieve the biggest stressors in our lives).  Get me graduated and moving on to the next stage of my own career!  We're moving forward!  I see clear blue skies and an open road ahead!

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