Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My baby turns two...

I'm sitting in the study right now and the rest of the house is in silence except for the fans of the computers and the gas heater in the lounge room next door.  Every Y chromosonian is sleeping, all exhausted from a long and exciting day that started at 6.30am and has been go, go, go ever since!

Ari turned two today.  Two years ago, he came into the world on my bedroom floor after one hour of active labour.  He was tiny, just 2.7kg, despite his 41.5 weeks of gestation, and his brother having weighed 4.5, 4.1, and 3.9kg respectively at similar gestations.  He is still tiny.  We went to the MCHN this morning for his 2 year old check up and he weighs 11.1kg (ranking in the 10th percentile for children his age), and measures 81cm (in the 5th percentile for his age), but his stature is the only diminutive thing about him!

Ari Leo Dal is a GIANT when it comes to personality, determination, and temper!  He knows what he wants and nothing gets in his way!  He is also a GIANT when it comes to love.  He loves generously!  Always quick to kiss and cuddle his mum and dad and brothers!

We thought today might be very low key as I'd seriously stuffed up my calendar and budget and we weren't going to be able to afford any presents for him until tomorrow.  Then yesterday afternoon, my mum came to rescue and I rushed out to stock up on things to delight our boy.  Some of his presents were practical, but there were a couple of fun things thrown in as well.

I had the devil's own time finding QUALITY TOYS though.  I'm not adverse to plastic or branded toys, but the plastic has to be sturdy and the branding has to mean something to my child.  I was shocked at the prices being charged for toys I knew would not go the distance!  Even though Ari is our youngest and won't have to pass his toys down to younger siblings (always something we consider when purchasing toys, we prefer to invest good money is toys that will last than less money in toys that won't), we are now thinking of the grandkids we're hoping our boys will bless us with.

So, Ari ended up with something to go in the Thomas Wooden Train Set Collection - which he has only had fleeting encounters with up until now.  He also got some diecast HotWheels cars - he's LOVES cars!  So many of the matchbox sized cars (as opposed to the brand) are now made of brittle plastic that will eventually crack and break).

He also got a couple of Sz1 tee shirts, which are swimming on him, but I'm sure they'll shrink a bit in the wash, and some sandals which he was in dire need off.

Finally, he got a little insulated lunchbox, which he can carry his cars in, I loved the design on it, and figured it will come in handy in the future, maybe even for kinder in 2013, if he goes...

Tonight we celebrated with store bought cake!  I had planned to bake cupcakes, but during the mixing process I managed to tip all the batter onto the kitchen floor.  He didn't seem to mind the store bought cake at all!

Here are some pictures from today!

What a BIG pile of present for a little boy!

Is this really mine?  I can have this?

What's this then?

Lovely, lovely!  Which one should I wear first?

Sandals! (yes, tees and shoes aren't exciting to most kids, but if you
knew Ari's fetish for footwear, you'd know his excitement in this moment!

Do these sandals make my bum look big? 
Really?  A man bag?  Do you really think I need this
mum?  Dad?  

Aha!  Now we're getting to the good stuff!  How do I open this box, then?

Hey, check it out, that man bag is perfect for lobbing my cars around in!

Stand aside, Ari, let the professionals figure this out...

Oooh, look what Bryn and Dad made while I was at the MCHN!

Pretty cool!

What's in here?  More trains!  Excellent!

Hahaha!  Why are they all singing that funny song at me?  Pretty candles!

Can't talk, eating!

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