Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Ups and Downs of this week!

UP - Dave got a job interview!  Only his second all year!  It's next Thursday and it's with a school uniform screen printing place.  They wanted a finished artist with some screen printing experience.  Dave has both in spades, so fingers crossed he'll get the job.  It's relatively local, too, only 4 train stops up the line (don't know how far from the station), and when he's driving, even a shorter trip!  The lady who called him sounded like she was 60-not-out, so obviously they're not adverse to employing more mature workers!  Please feel free to pray for us, or light a candle, or send us white light, or whatever you do on Thursday morning this week!  We need all the help we can get!

DOWN - I bought some cushions for the outdoor bench seat swing, they only cost $12 each, and were lovely azure, lime green, hot pink and white stripes.  I was excited about making the back porch more inviting and comfy as the warmer weather moves in.  I left them on the bus stop bench when catching the bus home, and 15 minutes later when Dave checked to see if they were still there, they were gone...

UP - Bestchance called on Friday and said my cheque, which they'd sent to the wrong address last week, had been returned to them and they were popping it back in the mail to my correct address.  When I told them I'd called on Monday to have the cheque cancelled and re-issued, they said they hadn't cancelled it because they *knew* it would be returned to them (evidently, they're psychic as well now).  So, yay, the cheque will be clear before the middle of November!

DOWN - I needed to get a couple of statutory declarations signed, so I took them to one of our local chemists and timidly asked if they wouldn't mind signing them.  I asked this timidly because I've found in the past that the chemist in our local shopping centre (of which there are about 8 in total) just DON'T LIKE TO SIGN STAT DECS.  I'm always asked to wait for or come back in half an hour.  Once, mind you, I was told I'd have to wait half an hour, but then within a couple of minutes an older woman came into the chemist and hers was signed immediately, so then they signed mine as well.  You might think that sounds dodgy!  I certainly felt like it was dodgy that they suddenly had time, having just told me to wait 1/2hr.  If I then told you all our local chemists are Chinese and the old woman was also Chinese - and all our local chemists are Chinese -, would you consider me racist for feeling there is a distinct possibility they just don't want to serve me because I'm not Chinese?  So, anyway, I waited 1/2hr, and then Ari started to get upset and the chemist told me, "It'll be AT LEAST another 1/2hr wait"...  So, I left (which I wholly believe she was angling for me to do, in the first place).  I went to another chemist.  There I was told, "No, go to another chemist." I didn't feel like playing this game six more times, so I went well and truly out of my way, 15 or so minutes walk up the street to the police station, where the constable signed and stamped both my stat decs in under a minute!  Later in the day I was at the local post office and asked the clerk there if anyone could have signed my stat dec.  He said he could if it was a Commonwealth stat dec (as opposed to a Victorian one), and when I said the chemists were all refusing to sign or making me wait 1/2hr or more, he went quite tight lipped and said, "Well, there is no legal reason they can't sign your forms...  One thing that made me smile though...  The Chemist who didn't have even one minute to sign my stat decs, her name was Candy Ho.

UP - MIL has offered to pay for Erik and Luey to go to school camp!  Yay, we just weren't sure how we were going to make it happen, and without even asking her she offered!

DOWN - We desperately need to get the garden mowed.  We're having an inspection on Thursday (having moved it from last Thursday) and as per usual, we just don't have the money, we haven't had the money in months, and so the garden is well overgrown.  I thought I would save some money by hiring a guy a friend used who did a good job for her, but I don't think he's a professional gardener and our gardener (and the inclement weather conditions) are just too much for him.  He's been here for three hours now, and done two nature strips and started on the front yard, it's just started bucketing down and he's going to have to give it away, so the garden will look crap on Thursday and we'll be $75 poorer...

UP - My mum saved our bacon on Tuesday by depositing money in our account for Ari's birthday.  Ari had a fabulous birthday thanks to Mum and S-Dad!

DOWN - It's the end of October and I'm STILL working on my manuscript and exegesis.  The manuscript is due on Thursday and I still have until the middle of November for the exegesis (though one of my supervisors recently put in an email that I have until the end of November, but I'm not sure how that works when bound copies have to be submitted by th 18th, hmmmm).  This feels like, "The degree that never ends, and it goes on and on, my friends...'"

UP - My friend, Jayne, was cleaning out her car yesterday and found my missing travel pass!  Now, I only just sent of a cheque for a new pass yesterday, which might have been a downer, except that I was kind of hoping we'd find the missing pass as well so I had a spare (because this isn't the first time I've had to replace a card this year, eep!), and then Jayne called to say she'd done just that!!!

DOWN - Can't think of anything else...

UP - Dave has got a job interview on Thursday!  Oh, wait, I mentioned that already...  It's just such great news, it feels like a step in the right directions.  I desperately trying not to pin all my hopes on this interview, but hey AN INTERVIEW!!!

I have to thank Narelle Parker for all her help in modernising Dave's resumé!  I'm sure Dave got the interview on the basis of his skills, but Narelle's advice, and her taking the time to correspond with us and call us earlier in the week has more than likely made Dave's resumé stand out more, look more professional, than it did before, so a huge thanks to our friend, Narelle!

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