Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Big Week...

It's been a huge week this week, and it's not over yet!

Monday, I was supposed to be going to have coffee with the lovely Jayne, but instead I had to get up with the sparrow farts and trek two hours across town to eyeball my brother and make sure he was still alive and well.  He was.  For my trouble, he suggested we do another tattoo, and luckily for me, his flatmate had the anaesthetic I like to used because I REALLY don't like the idea of needles puncturing my skin.  The first tattoo went so well, he suggested we push on and actually attempt to finish most of the rest of the work I want to get done.  Mind you, by the time we got to the third tattoo we were out of time and anaesthetic, so I thought I would brave the pain - HUGE MISTAKE!!!  That Emla cream works wonders, you have to try it without the cream to know just how miraculous that stuff is!  Ouch!  We had the artwork for all the boys tatts, but not the one for Dave's so haven't done that one.  Also, although his flatmate offered us the use of his colours, I declined getting the colour work done because a) I want to buy the colours for Mike as a thankyou, and b) I would have had to stay the night to get the colour work done as well...

So, now I have five tattoos...

My "Unity of all things" tattoo, at the base of my neck and
Erik's "transformation" butterfly tattoo on my right shoulder.

Luey's "Bringer of Light" Sun/Star tattoo
on my left upper arm.

Bryn's "Heart of love and serenity" on my
upper left breast.

Ari's "Eternal Gratitude" on my inner right forearm.
The boys tattoos have yet to be accented with red, blue, green and yellow ink, respectively.  I am also getting a soaring bird at the base of my spine, which is Dave's tattoo, but that one is still in the design stage.  Mine and Dave's tattoos will not be accented with colour - the boys are because those colours are the colours I assigned to each child as they were born, so they are significant to them.

Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day.  Another day where things didn't go to plan.  Usually on Cup Day we have a little picnic with the boys and we all watch the race together, but yesterday Dave went over to his mum's to place some bets for her as her best friend who usually does this with her moved to Queensland earlier this year.  I stayed home with the boys and did a bit of cleaning in preparation for the house inspection we're having on Thursday afternoon (24 hours later, mind you, you wouldn't know I'd done ANY cleaning, which is so demoralising!). When Dave got home, he needed to go out again to shop for dinner, and I needed to nap so I could stay up all night editing my manuscript for the changes mum had suggested and passed on yesterday.  Half way through my designated nap time mum called because she needed me to check something for her on the net, so my nap was cut short, argh!  Then after dinner, I sat up until 4.30am doing edits.

Wednesday (today) I tried to go back to sleep after editing but was too cold, so got up and took a shower and had a coffee and went back to bed at 7.30am after Ari had gotten up and had his first drink of the day.  I got up again at 1.30pm, and have been pottering around doing nothing of any consequence.  The sleeping bags for Erik and Luey's camping trip (which MIL has generously offered to finance) arrived today.  We had previously received a donated sleeping bag from my dear friend Leah, but didn't have a carry bag for it, so took up a two for one ebay deal, which worked out to be very cheap indeed.  The new sleeping bags are not snazzy, but they just fine for a school camp.  This evening I have to take Luey to dance, then hopefully by the time I come home, mum will have sent me the rest of my manuscript with edits because I have to work through the night again to get it finish by close of business TOMORROW!  I'm just slightly freaked out about that, but trying to keep it all together because there just isn't time for a meltdown.

Thursday (tomorrow) is going to be MASSIVE, and every so slightly stressful (she says laughing a little hysterically)...  In the morning, after a full night of editing, instead of going to bed, I will be trekking up the boys school to submit Erik's art for the school "Artist's Fair Exhibition".  Dave was originally going to run this errand, but he will be heading off for a JOB INTERVIEW.  Last week when they called him and asked him to come in I was excited, now I'm just anxious.  We so badly need Dave to have a job NOW!  So, if you're reading this, please send us your best because we need it!  Then once we're both back from our respective errands, we have to make sure the house is spotless for the inspection at 4.30pm, AND I have to make sure my manuscript is all sewn up and sent off to my supervisor, EEK!

Friday, I'm meeting Jayne for the catch up coffee we didn't get to on Monday.  Bryn has kinder.  Dave has a driving lesson.

Saturday is the school fair.  Dave is working on two stalls, and I'm herding the hoards around for face painting, fairy floss, rides, and icecreams, oh and Erik's exhibition of his art (yay)!!!  In the evening I'm going to a party on the other side of the city to catch up with friends...

Sunday - well, on Sunday, I reckon I'll collapse in a heap.  But only on Sunday because on Monday I have to start work on my Thesis essay, which I'll have a week to write before submitting for binding...

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