Monday, November 29, 2010


  • We all enjoyed a lovely visit with mum last week!  I really do wish we lived closer.  The boys loved seeing her, Dave appreciated her doing the dishes!  And we had a fabulous time talking all things writing!
  • In related news, my main supervisor will receive the final draft of my thesis today.  This doesn't mean I'm finished, so please hold you congratulations for now.  What it means is I've got to wait for her to read through it all again and get back to me with the changes she feels are absolutely necessary at this stage.  When I've completed those and it's been handed to the examiners, THEN I'll be finished.  For now though, I've done all the work I can do until my supervisor comes back to me - it feels really odd not having something I should be doing right now...
  • We spent a lovely afternoon with MIL at her house yesterday in celebration of her 82nd birthday.  We left her with a pile of books (which should last her a fortnight, tops, at the rate she devours books!).
  • Erik and Luey are going on camp on Wednesday morning and are so over-the-top excited!  I love that they're excited because I used to dread school camps.  They'll be in a cabin together with six of their closest friends...  I just hope the teachers can cope!
  • I re-coloured my hair yesterday.  It's just amazing how much better life looks from under a firey red fringe!
  • Ari is spitting out sentences like coins flying from a jackpot win slot machine!  Yesterday he woke up, slapped Dave's arm and announced, "Dad, I want toast!", I said to him, "Well, where do you go for toast, then", and he goes, "I don't know".  Mind you, the other day, mum was watching a re-run of Star Trek on TiVo, and predicted aloud that a character would be killed, "You're dead, mate, you're dead..." Seconds later Ari wonders through the lounge room chanting, "You're dead, you're dead..."  Gee, thanks Mum!
  • Ari sings "Twinkle, twinkle, little star" all day long, it's definitely his #1 favourite song.  He's quite happy to share it too, if you start by singing one line, he'll sing the next, then wait for you to sing the third line and so on.

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