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To the Fair!

As luck would have it, when Erik first asked to go to school, it was only a fortnight before that years school fair, and so to get a bit of a sense of our prospective school's community, we decided to go to the fair as passive observers.  Keep in mind that for all of Erik's life, we'd planned to homeschool him, and really, neither of us was (or is) a fan of formal, organised education...  However, we were pretty impressed by what we saw at the fair.  Not only was it all splash and sparkles with fairground rides, a live band, a bar, show bags, face painting, and it's very own professional artshow, but obviously it was supported by a lot of very involved, friendly parents who seemed to enjoy each others company.  Children ran about and there was a very strong community atmosphere. It was quite reassuring...

Five fairs on, and we are even more impressed because now we're on the inside.  We know the people on the various stands and stall, in fact, we ARE the people for a couple of hours each fair day.  Our school has a fair every year, which I hear a lot of schools don't, and every year it's a fantastic event!  For our family the fair is pretty much second only to Christmas as far as family traditions go, and I have to say that I love it because it's something everyone in our family really gets into.  We have had sunshine every single year, which adds to the spirit of the event, but the best bit is, despite getting covered in fairyfloss while working at the fairyfloss stall, Dave actually SMILES involuntarily at the fair.  Our kids get to run around with their friends all day and do fun stuff.  I get to catch up with all the parents I haven't seen much all year (because the past year or so I haven't been at the school every weekday like before).  Something about this fair brings out the best in all our family!

Here are a few happy snaps from this years fair!

The Giant Slippery Slide - I sent Bryn up this and then thought, Oh no!
He'll freak out when he gets to the top...  He didn't, he LOVED it!

The Cha Cha - the only redeeming quality of this ride is that it doesn't
tilt as it spins around!

Littlest man on a mission!  Ari LOVED walking
through all the crowds, he's definitely not shy...

Luey - on the left - climbed all the way to the top
three times during his 5 minute session!

Contained!  Sometimes, mum needs a break too!
A break and an iced chocolate (or two!).

 People, people, everywhere!
The Artist Camp Fair Art Show - in our far too small hall - maybe next year
they have it in Tim's new Gym...  Lots of fantastic art!!!

Erik cruising down the big slide.
Erik and friends on the Cha Cha - don't you love the affected "We too cool
for this ride" look!

Luey and friends in the Cha Cha.  Erik and Luey both spend much of the day
lining up for and riding the Cha Cha with their friends.  They both managed
to squeeze in eight goes on this ride, as well as getting around to everything
else on offer!

Bryn with green and gold hair spray (his choice)
and a Ben10 tattoo!  He decided not to get any face
painting this year...

Ari enjoying a snowcone by the side of the sandpit - funny story:  Ari is
sandpit phobic!  I put him in it and he cried.  Took him out, comforted him,
put him back in it, and he cried again!!!  Odd child!

Bryn going for broke on the Jumping Castle.

Bryn on the Chair-i-go-round!  Bryn kept saying, "
"I'm going on [insert ride name here], be back in a minute" and then he'd
take himself off and come find us when he was done.  That's how at home
he feels on the school grounds.

And last, but certainly not least, Erik posing next to his drawing that was
entered in the framed (official) section of the art show!  His first ever exhibit!
Later in the day, a couple of his teachers took him around to see other former
students work.  Students who had become career artists.  I thought that
was very supportive of them!
Dave and I worked out that between now and Ari going to highschool, we have 10 more school fairs to attend!  Whoo hoo!!!


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