Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still here!

Yes, I'm still here, though in the past week I've been ACTUALLY working pretty hard to finish up my manuscript and write the exegesis.  I've been up through the night for three of the last four nights, and this morning I finally manage to finish the exegesis - at least to draft stage, though there will only be one draft, which will now be edited within an inch of its life before being submitted.

Mum is coming to stay with us for a few days tomorrow night.  She has a conference, so we don't expect to see much of her, but I'm hoping to pin her down in the late evenings to give the manuscript and exegesis (and all the other bits and pieces, including the bibliography) a final going over.  Then I'll put them on disk and send them back with her.  I'm considering saving the files as PDFs to prevent something untoward happened to the formatting in the printing stage.  Mum will then have the responsibility for getting the two volumes (manuscript and exegesis) printed out so they can be handed to the examiners.

The end is in sight, but in the meantime, keep watching this space.

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