Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 - the good, the great and the magnificent!

I thought I'd write up an overview of all the things that were great about 2010 in this household...

  1. Our family created a new tradition - the summer games tournament - and at the end of it we celebrated one teams victory by having a fabulous meal out at the Pancake Parlour, and Bryn was voted "Sportsman of the Tournament" by a unanimous family vote! - we're all very excited to redo this event, starting this coming weekend!
  2. Bryn finally got to go to kinder, most specifically the kinder he'd been asking to go since the beginning of 2007 - three years is a very long time to wait when you're not even two at the time you start asking for something.  Getting into that kinder was a bit of a miracle in itself as it was a very popular kinder, but I wangled our way in by saying I didn't drive and needed a kinder in walking distance.  Of course, the very day Bryn started, we got a notice to vacate and within 5 weeks we were living nowhere near walking distance from kinder - Murphy loves our family!  At kinder Bryn made a handful of fabulous friends who shared his deep devotion to Ben10.  This lead to play dates and birthday invites, and finally a party of his own where he invited "only my friends!" as opposed to mum's or Erik and Luey's friends.  2010 was a great year for Bryn in regards to social interactions!
  3. Even though we were unexpectedly given notice to vacate our home of 5 years, we managed to quickly find another home, with a HUGE back yard on the same street at the boys' school - a long held dream of ours!  Our old landlords let us leave the old place before the lease was finished, though they could have made us pay the difference, and that was really nice of them!
  4. Because we moved so close to the school, both Erik and Luey were able to visit their school friends nearby.  Luey made the most of this - going over to a friend's house after school at least 2-3 times a week.
  5. Erik was able to enroll in a local art class that he was able to walk to after school.  He loved this!
  6. Luey finally freed the dancing spirit inside him and made some more friends along the way, and mum got to make a new friend, too!
  7. Dave continued his driving lessons and FINALLY booked a driving test, which is only 5 WEEKS AND 2 DAYS away now!!!
  8. I enrolled in and completed a Certificate III in Children's Services, and while the course itself was stressful, meeting up with Jayne three times a week was a hell of a lot of FUN!  And I got a qualification which I hope will bring some extra income into this household in time to come.
  9. I FINISHED MY MASTERS requirements!!!  During this time, I spent a lot of time talking to, and working with, mum and realised we make a fantastic team!  From this we've decided to go away together to work on projects together in the future, and I'm really looking forward to that!  I also realised just how much work is really involved in writing - even just a short YA novel! - and I realised I really do LOVE writing!  I also discovered where I belong, the kind of people I belong with, and finally I had a sense of who I am which has healed a lot of wounds I've inflicted upon myself trying to fit in with people I will never fit in with.
  10. I found clothes I love in my size, and that I can afford!  That might seem like a small thing, but it has really boosted my confidence and again plays into the not feeling like there is nowhere I fit (or in this case, nothing I fit into that speaks to my personality and tastes).
  11. Dad dropped in a for a visit twice!
  12. Michael donated many days and his talent to creating 5 tattoos for me!  I had wanted tattoos for so long, but have always been shy of going into a parlour - they are very intimidating places to me! - and then Mike became a tattoo artist and finally I could get tattoos done in my very own kitchen by someone I trusted!
  13. I finally dug up the courage to go to the Writer's festival!!!  It was amazingly fun and cool and wonderful!
  14. I met, spoke with and got a signed copy of "Sophie's World" from one of my favourite author, Josteinn Gaarder!
  15. Erik participated in his first ever art exhibition, and sold a piece of work!
  16. I went to a Simply Red concert!!!  The first proper concert I've been to this century!  I had a complete blast and was surrounded by people I liked (just by chance!).  It was a great night!
  17. Mum came for a three day visit.
  18. I got free tickets to see a great movie.
And so many more little things that gave us pause, a chance to smile and a reason to be grateful!  There is no denying that 2010 was a challenging year, but it was also a year of many blessings - some borne directly from the challenges we had to overcome.  Some we might never have appreciated had it not been for those challenges!

I am looking forward to 2011 now.  I can see a handful of upcoming events that promise to be highlights, already.  I know there will also be challenges, but I'm excited about what we will learn and reap benefits from because of those challenges!!!

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