Friday, December 03, 2010

Hey, it could be so much worse!

  • I have had the head cold from hell, and my period arrived 4 days early as well, and all this happened just when the big boys were leaving on their three day camp trip and I was looking forward to some peaceful enjoyment of the time with just Bryn and Ari - but you know, what better time for all of this to happen, really.  Being sick and having to care for four children is so much harder than being sick and caring for two low maintenance children.  So, I'm grateful I got sick now!
  • I found out this week that none of my assignment marks for the poetry unit I did back in 2007 got recorded and all my assignments are on the laptop that died last year, so for a moment there it looked like I might not be able to graduate because I hadn't passed that unit on paper (despite doing and submitting all the required work).  Then I mentioned to mum that because she was the external student co-ordinator back then, I'd sent all my assignments via her, and she went and checked her inbox, which she apparently never clears, and Voila!  there they were!  They still need to be remarked, but at least that is possible now!  I'm so grateful for a mother who is "disorganised"!
  • It's been raining for over a week,and every day for the next week is also forecast to have rain, and it's also been warm - 25+ each day - but I so much prefer warm rain to cold rain and I'm so grateful it's warm.  Warm makes it possible for me to keep functioning when I feel crap.  I'm also grateful for cool nights and my airconditioner!
  • In just another two weeks school holidays will begin.  With no car until they end, we're not going anywhere or doing anything terribly exciting.  We will do our traditional summer games tournament though, and we're all looking forward to that.  I'm so grateful I have this large, rambunctious family that forces me to think outside the square!
  • Last fortnight's pay went almost entirely on preparing for camp and paying bills, food and so on.  Next fortnight's pay will go on paying rent, with a tiny portion left over for food.  I am so grateful Big W has layby, which means when we get paid on the 23rd of December, we can go pick up the layby instead of trying to find Christmas presents for our children out of the bits and pieces left over after everyone else has raided the shelves, and I'm also grateful for the minimum 10% deposit on laybys that meant $400 worth of presents only cost $40 to layby!  I'm also grateful that my children will appreciate the $100 worth of presents they each get because they don't expect to get $2-300 worth of presents each like so many children seem to these days with electronics etc...
  • I am so grateful my brother became a tattoo artist!  It's been about a month now since I got the last three tattoos and every day I love them more, and not least of all because he created them and in some way that brings us closer together.
  • I am so grateful it's December!  I love December!  Yes, my birthday is in December, and so is Christmas and I love both those events, but it's also the end of the year, and I have such high hopes for 2011.  This last year has been a tough one, and the year before that was also tough, but I had more resources then as well.  I believe deep within my soul that the end of the year will really bring a new beginning, a stepping into the light and 2011 will be the year for moving forward, at last!  So, I'm eternally grateful for it being December, and am looking forward to my last year in my 30s with great anticipation!  Bring it on!

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