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Measuring off another year!

In Icelandic, the word "afmaeli" which is loosely translated to "birthday", strictly means "to measure off"...  It's not so much about the day you were born, as how many years you have survived!

Today I have survived thirty nine years!  I've been telling people all day that I'm either celebrating my first 39th birthday, or my tenth 29th birthday!  In actual fact, I don't mind getting older.  I don't even feel as though the main part of my life has started yet, so far it feels a bit like dress rehearsals before the main production.  Of course, this would be completely scandalous to some people, because, well, today could be my LAST day of life, but to me, it just means the best is yet to come and I'm excited to see what that is before it's been pretty damn fine so far (despite my copious whinging over the past couple of years).

I thought, in celebration of today, and in preparation for the big 4 0 next year, I would write myself a bit of to do list.  A list of all the stuff I want to achieve before I turn 40.  My is calling it my bucket list, but there's not way I'm kicking the bucket in 365 days time!  Here it is...

  1. read 40 novels
  2. do a class/course at th wheelers centre
  3. write two more novel precise
  4. find an agent
  5. finish my masters
  6. paint a large painting and hang it
  7. get some portrait photos taken of our family - including Dave!
  8. go to a gold class cinema screening
  9. spend at least one night away at a hotel with Dave
  10. go to the beach
  11. self publish a coffee table book of photos of things I love for me
  12. get a short story/poem published
  13. finish the colour on the boys tattoo
  14. get Dave's tattoo
  15. get the lotus tattoo
  16. get a pedicure
  17. track a copy of skólaljóð
  18. join a writers group
  19. join a book group
  20. get an iPad
  21. cook a roast (all by myself)
  22. learn how to make a pavlova
  23. buy 4 albums
  24. learn how to sew (really simple stuff) on a sewing machine
  25. crochet a granny square blanket
  26. decorate my belly cast
  27. get a 1 year subscription to Better Homes magasine (yes really)
  28. go to the dentist
  29. writer letters to all my children telling them all the things I would want them to know if I died
  30. write a will
  31. sort my jewelry and take better care of it (like a grown up)
  32. get an all white manchester set
  33. learn how to use a lawnmower
  34. make mum's fruit and cream birthday cake
  35. go to a musical
  36. cut my hair super short and colour it something bold
  37. volunteer
  38. save $4000
  39. learn how to download whole seasons of shows
  40. write a 45 things before I turn 45 list 
I can already tick off #34, because as soon as I wrote the list, I rang mum and asked her for the recipe, and it turned out to the be the simplest thing around!

Three glass cake

This first photo is rather grainy because my five year old had been playing with my camera, and I didn't notice until after the cake was made.  Basically it shows the ingredients in the sponge, and measurements.  Take any three identical glasses, put 2 or 3 eggs in the first glass, and that'll give you the measure for the sugar (I used raw sugar) and the self-raising flour.  Then you whip the eggs and sugar together until they're light and fluffy and you slowly cut in the sifted flour.  Heavily grease a cake tin of your choice (I used a 25cm flan tin) and bake for as long as you'd normally bake a cake in that tin (for me it was 20-25 minutes).  Let the cake cool, and turn it out.  Decorate as your please.

I decorated my cake with fruit cocktail and whipped cream.  Alternatively, I could have put any single tinned fruit, or fresh fruit, or berries and cream.  I also pour some of the tinned juices over the sponge before topping it.  Then I let it sit in the fridge and settle.  It's so yummy on a hot day!!!

For fun (or because I'm quite insane), I decided to try and get a photo of the four boys TOGETHER today...  It took many crap shot to get a good one...  Luey didn't want to be in the photo at all - can you tell?

Come on, Luey, smile, you know you want to smile...

Erik, Ari, look at the camera!

Maybe this angle with work, Ari, look at mummy...

Aw, come on, you guys, SMILE!  Ari, look. at. the. camera!  Bryn, that is NOT a smile!

Nearly, just one more...  I promise it'll be the last one (if you just look at the damned camera and smile, pleeeease!)...

YES!  Finally!  Hurray!  Okay, it's not centred, and Luey isn't looking directly at the camera, but honestly, this is about as good as it gets these days...  Maybe we'll do better by the time I turn 40?


Kebeni said…
I love your bucket list. That cake recipe is super easy isn't it! I will have to try that

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