Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Witchiness!

The New Year is but a few hours away, and as per usual I'm preparing for my New Year ritual!  Usually, for the New Year, I focus on the things I want to achieve in the coming year, or attract into my life, but just recently, I read a blog post over at Confessions of Pagan Soccer Mom and it was as if it was written for me!  If you follow the link you'll find the ingredients for a New Years ritual that banishes negativity!!!

This is just perfect for my "third time lucky" attempt at a brilliant year!

I am particularly enamoured with the idea of putting all the things I want to let go off down on toilet paper and then FLUSHING the old crap down the loo!  How modern!  How appropriate!

This New Years Eve is a particularly good one for banishing spell-work, too.  We're in the last quarter of a waning moon, and New Year's Day falls on a Saturday, the best day for averting negativity - so a great start to a positive 2011!

In the kitchen I thyme, rosemary, salt and eggs.  I have rose quartz, pearl and amethyst stones ready as well.  There is enough toilet paper in the house for a banishing an few lifetimes of negativity, if need be as well!

In that I'm planning to banish anxiety and stress reactions, I've also bought some green tea to drink, as I recently heard that 4 cups of green tea a day contains enough of a particular herb to reduce anxiety.  I've also stocked up on frozen bananas, baby spinach leaves and cherries (I usually get raspberries, but the shops were out, so I thought I'd go posh!) for some green smoothies!  The green smoothies are to boost my energy levels a bit.

I'm so excited!  I just love this day!

I'm planning on banishing:

  • Unhelpful doubts (still want my intuition to work, though)
  • Anxiety
  • Pessimism
  • Other people's negativity
  • Obstacles to achieving goals
  • Financial difficulties
  • Ill-health
  • Friction
  • Cravings for non-nutrious foods
  • Lethargy
  • Aggression
  • and most of all instability!


Mr B said...

Good luck ! Hope you achieve all you want for 2011.

I want to banish a few of the things on your list as well. Mainly anxiety, negativity and cravings for non nutritious foods LOL

Kristen's Raw said...

Green smoothies rock! Bring on the new year! :)

Sif Dal said...

Thanks Nic :)

They do Kristen! I've drank them on and off, and my boys really love them (which is hilarious because my youngest is notoriously anti-vegetables but downs a green smoothie no problem - and he does know what's in it because he watches me make them)...

Anyway, looks like I'll be having quite a few, as I explain in my next blog post!

Good Job!