Monday, January 31, 2011

January Blessings...

This is just going to be a boring "list post" of all the various blessings we've received this January because I'm 100% convinced that 2011 is the year our luck turns good again!

  • We won 5th division lotto on New Years Eve (but discovered this on New Year's Day morning).  Was only about $26, but at the time that was all we needed to feed ourselves until payday, so yay!
  • Found out the owners of our house were turned down on their application to build two two storey townhouses in our back yard.  They are resubmitting, which gives us a good 7-8 months before they're likely to want to proceed with the building (at which time we really need to move).  The reprieve was such a relief to us!
  • On the morning of the one big family outing these holidays, Dave found a $50 note in his wallet that he'd forgotten he hadn't spent, so the outing was freebie, yay!
  • Halfway through the month when I was projecting our income vs. expenditure and freaking out about how we were going to manage, I realised we have three payments in the pay period between January rent and February rent - which essentially means EXTRA MONEY!  So we could pay for the kids school packs AND get the gardens sorted (they're in a terrible, terrible way).
  • Dave realised he hadn't booked his Hazard Awareness test last week.  We'd completely forgotten about it, but he needs to have taken it BEFORE he does his driving test, and he realised this with just enough time to book in the HA test before the driving test!
  • Today we discovered someone had deposited a perfectly good trampoline on our nature strip.  No tears in the mat, no rust, no missing springs.  It does need pads, but that's all!  We already have one trampoline with a net and pads, but with two trampolines the big boys can go nuts and Ari can still jump, too without getting thrown about!
All that long grass will be gone by this time tomorrow!

There has been so many smaller blessings as well, but they don't come to mind right now.  Overall, it's been a great January with good company and fun times!  Bring on February!

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