Sunday, January 02, 2011


I am often asked about my faith.  Let's say, I believe.  I've tried to explain exactly what I believe for many years now, it is crystal clear in my own mind, but sometimes difficult to explain to others. Today I came across a blog post (after having followed a link to another blog post), and found this essay on post-dualism which not only explains what I believe, but also explained to me why others often find it difficult to comprehend my explanations of exactly what I believe - if that makes any sense...

I want to reassure you the essay is very short and written in plain language, so not at all difficult or tedious to follow!

I'd never used the term "sub-atomic" in my descriptions, I tend to use "molecules" instead, but sub-atomic correctly describes what I'm seeing in my mind's eye when I speak about these things.  My faith has been almost wholly intuited, sparked by the reading of a novel that described, in only the broadest terms, the philosophies of recorded philosophers from the beginning.  I've watched science shows here and there that have seemed to support my intuition, but am not well versed in Quantum physics and suchlike.

It was great to come across such a succinct description of all that underpins my understanding of all that is!

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That is so very very cool:)

Good Job!