Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sif's 2011 Photo Project : January Installment

I took plenty of photos in 2010 - probably 2000 or more.  Sadly, the vast majority of them were on my iPhone.  I think I used my old Canon DSLR on a handful of occassions, and even then, I was pretty much just pointing and shooting.  The end result was that when it came to making a Christmas card last November/December I had no decent photos of the boys to put on it.  It was very disappointing.  On top of that, I was stressed out of my mind trying to complete my thesis and really didn't have the mindset to rectify the problem.  It was all too hard for me at the time.

This situation did lead to a new years resolution of sorts - only of sorts because it didn't formulate properly in my mind until about ten days ago.  Basically, I've set up a folder in the My Pictures directory on my computer and into that folder I am determined to place AT LEAST ONE decent printworthy photo of EACH of my boys for EACH MONTH of 2011.  I aim to also put in about half a dozen group photos of the boys.

This way, I will always have a photo pool to draw from for photos of the boys.  I can use these to print up for family and friends (each year I print up a poster collage of photos of the boys for my parents and ourselves - I actually forgot to do this last Christmas, mind you).

It's also a project to get me back in tune with my camera - to say I've become rusty is an understatement!  So, here are the photo for January.  Let me say it again, I'm VERY RUSTY!!!

I call this Bryn's "Barbie smile" because it's completely
plastic and painted on!

Here, you can see a glint of his stubbornness!

My beautiful soulful boy!

Lukas is my "gracefully pretty" child.  This completely
belies his personality!

Can't you just see him doing Shakespeare???

Erik's cheeky, playful side.

Erik's sensitive side.

Pre-teen side...

I'm so tempted to nickname him Cyclops - he does
love this haircut though!

This is not actually a picture of Ari - if you follow
the focus, you'll see it's a photo of "Buddy"
our co-sleeping bear!

The Cheeky Brothers.

Ari scrutinizes - everything!


This smile always reminds me of one of my Aunts...

I really need to work on my focal depth - one
of the drawbacks of not having stereoscopic vision.

Great pose - terrible lighting, terrible bed hair!

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