Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The boys are back at school, the boys are back at schooooool!

Last Friday Erik and Luey went back to school for grades 4 (Luey) and 5 (Erik).  They were pretty excited!  As I've mentioned several times before, Dave and I are Homeschooling Failures (TM), in as much as we decided when Erik was about 6 months old that we would most definitely be homeschooling him and any future children.  When he was 7.5, he came to me with a very serious expression on his face and said he'd been thinking about it for a while and he'd decided he really wanted to go to school even though he knew we didn't want him to.  I explained to him that while Dad and I had many, MANY misgivings about the school system (and still do!), we actually wanted him to have a say in his own learning, and to make his own decisions.  Because of this, we would support him in "trying" school, and if he felt it wasn't for him (at any time), we would support him in learning from home again.

Five years on, he still adores going to school.  His brothers Luey and Bryn have also chosen to go to school, and Luey enjoys it even more than Erik does (Erik enjoys some aspects more than others whereas Luey seems to enjoy all aspects of school).

We have yet to see what Bryn thinks of school as today was only his second day and it can take a few weeks for the whole, "Oh, this is like an every day, all day thing" to really sink in for some children...

Here are some photos from the boys first days of school 2011...

This first photo of Ari just had to be included.  He's such a little dude!  Here he's dressed in a t-shirt from Nanna, pants made by Starashan for Bryn about 4 years ago, and his new Hippos from Cotton On Kids...

The motley crew on Erik and Luey's first day.

The three school boys on Bryn's first day in prep.


Heading off to school! (it's a 150m walk up the street).

This photo is a salute to a photo taken back in June of 2007 (you can see it at the top of this blog post).

King of the school yard?  (well maybe not just yet)

Waiting for Bryn to come out of school at the special prep pick up time of 1pm.

"Oh, hello!  What are YOU doing here?" Ari wonders.

And this was taken the second Bryn came around the corner from his class with Dave.  He kind of LOVED his first day of school - not to put too fine a point on it!

Ari doesn't know the other two...  He's going to school all by himself - can't you tell?

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