Thursday, February 10, 2011

A couple of Ari story boards...

Ari is at that gorgeous age where his own thoughts about the world are erupting on the surface in his every day life.  Ari has already made it known that he expects his world to be *just so* and has little tolerance for any deviation from his master plan (yes, he is a little like his mother in this regard, and a little like his father, too...).

Ari is not a big talker (though neither Dave nor I are fooled by this lack of "words"!  Erik wasn't a big talker either until he turned about 3.5 years old, then he started talking one day, and didn't stop to take breath for four years!).  Nevertheless, Ari has his ways of communicating and I thought I'd share a couple of common scenes from ourr household with you...

The picture quality isn't the best because I have to catch him "in the act", which often means running to get the camera and then snapping away furiously and just hoping to catch the essence of the mood...  Don't forget you can click on the images to view them full size!

The "story" behind this first set of images is that each morning this week, as the big boys have been putting on their backpacks to go to school, Ari has scuttled away to find HIS shoes and HIS bag, and then gone and stood AT THE FRONT DOOR in the hopes that TODAY they might take him with them.

He won't move away from that door for love nor money.  If I'm taking the boys, I usually relent and let him walk with us, but Dave finds it difficult to keep track of all four of them, so on Dave's mornings Ari has to content himself with whatever mum can bribe him with (usually a breastfeed)...  He's a determined little fellow, though, and will race off to the dining room window to watch them go down the path to front gate on the mornings he can't go with them!

This second set of images depicts one of Ari's favourite games at the moment.  He grabs his little aeroplane bag, containing his toy mobile phone and races to his favourite spot in the kitchen (those of you who have seen a few picture of Ari will recognise this spot because it's where I'm most likely to find him when he's not hanging out in the loungeroom).  There, he'll take a phonecall and have (sometimes rather lengthy) phone conservations with some non-descript *person* on the other end of the line.  Once he's finished he'll throw his arms up in the air, which I can either interpret as "Yay!" or "That phone never stops ringing!".  Obviously, he is picking this up from me (handbag and mobile phone are my constant companions!) and he's very good at it!  When he gets a hold of the home phone, I often have to double check that there isn't actually someone REAL on the other end!

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