Friday, February 25, 2011

Dear 2011...

This is just a little reminder that we have an agreement.  This year is supposed to be the year of good.  You will produce lots of great outcomes for our family, and in return we will be extremely grateful!

So far, this year has gotten off to a pretty promising start, but as we near the end of February, I'm just a little concerned that some of the bigger goals for 2011 are beginning to lag a tiny bit.

By now, I had really expected to have the results of my Masters Thesis, which I had high hopes of passing.  With the first of March looming on Tuesday, I'm beginning to worry that perhaps the marks are lost in transit, or worse still, that somehow I've managed to completely stuff up my Thesis and my examiners are so lost for words over my lack of skills and accomplishment that they can't face submitting my final results at all.  Could you please get back to me on the progress of this project?

The other thing I was really hoping to see some forward motion on was Dave getting a job.  Just this morning I've had to apply for an advance of my Family Allowance payments so that Luey can attend a last minute excursion at school on Tuesday, and so that we can also afford for Dave to do his driving lessons leading up to his driving test soon.  Dave has been scouring Seek for jobs he is qualified and able to do, and also applying for jobs from other sources, but so far he hasn't even gotten so much as an interview all year.  It is very discouraging.  We're trying to be grateful for all the lovely gifts we've received this year, and we're trying to do our bit to "make things happen", but a little encouragement would go a long, long way.

I really hope this note doesn't seem too pushy, I understand that things happen in their own good time, and that there are often very good reasons for delays, but if we could please see some progress on these two items, we will more than happily fulfill our promise to be extremely grateful!

Yours sincerely,


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