Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How does your garden grow?

Well, if it's anything like ours it grows out of sight and out of control!  Okay, okay, so we haven't mowed in 6 months, but seriously, the driveway at the bottom of the garden is completely overgrown with kooch (kooch is rotten stuff, I tell you!!!).

We've been prioritising the gardening fairly far down on the list for a long time.  We just haven't had the funds to pour into it - we have to hire a gardener because we're both completely useless at gardening (read: we hate it).

Anyway, we've realised that waiting this long is false economy because it ends up being such a HUGE undertaking!  We got a man in this morning to cut back, he didn't edge or spray because it took all his time and effort just to bush cut it down to a high-mow level.  Next time (in a fortnight) he'll go over it lower, and edge and spray huge chunks of the garden.  Then he'll cut the grass back from the driveway...  A huge undertaking.

Of course, I took some before and after photos - if you click on the photos you can see them at larger dimensions.

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Mr B said...

Looks great Sif ! I recently got a gardener in for our horrendously overgrown mess, and its so worth the money! Planning on doing it every couple of months, worth every cent.

Good Job!