Friday, February 18, 2011

Joining in - Things I know: decluttering

:: The process of decluttering always involves making a bigger mess than what you started out with.

:: If you decide to declutter your house the week before Hard Rubbish Collection, your children will surely bring home toys from other people's Hard Rubbish to replace the one's you're getting rid off.

:: When you haven't the time to get to it - that's when the mess in your house will get to you the most.

:: When your time is freed up - the mess will be something you're sure you can do in an hour or so, after you check Facebook, Twitter, and write a blog post about dealing with the mess.

:: If you're a minimalist, chances are you'll marry a hoarder.

:: If you're a minimalist who's house is always cluttered, chances are you're kidding yourself about being a minimalist.

:: While there will always be one child who NEVER wants their photo taken, there will always be another child who insists on standing in front of camera whenever you bring it out [to illustrate the aforementioned mess created by decluttering]...

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Jayne said...

LOLZ-that thing about the hard rubbish collection and kids collecting other people's stuff faster than I can chuck our stuff? Yep.

Kate said...

Minimalists marry hoarders = trufax!! Argh!!

shae said...

I love it! My trips to drop off at the op shop normally involve me bringing more stuff home for sure.

Thanks for joining in :)

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

What happens when two hoarders marry ? you build a big shed to house it all. I love roadside collections I always find great stuff.

Goodluck - loved this post.

orlenna said...

you hit home there, I really am a minimalist i just haven't been able to express that side of me in my house yet :-(

Good Job!