Saturday, February 05, 2011

Rainy, random Saturday thoughts...

Somehow in the chaos of the last week my house morphed into a bomb site!

For the first time ever, a note was sent home with the 3/4gr book packs asking us to contact cover them.  We read the note at about 6pm on Thursday night, with school starting on Friday morning, so I had to ask the teacher if it was okay for Luey to bring his books home for the weekend so I could cover them.  It was okay.  So, yesterday I spent $10 on contact and book labels (enough for Erik, too, because there was no way he was going to go without).  Luey didn't bring his books home - neither did Erik - but he did bring home a message from the teachers, "Children will not be required to cover their books this year" afterall...

I need to pull together all of Bryn's school stuff and see what needs labels and what doesn't before school on Monday...

My house is such a mess!

We went to the Scrumptious Sienna's 6th birthday party last night and for a while there it looked like Erik, Luey, Bryn and I might have to crash on Jayne's floor.  There was massive rain - so much that the sound of it crashing on the tin roof over patio actually drowned out the sound of 13 children screaming and yelling at each other!  Roads flooded and it took an hour to get through to the taxi directorate and another hour for the taxi to arrive, but we all had a blast and got home safe and sound by 10.15pm.  By then Luey was BEGGING to go straight to bed.  This morning he slept until 9.30am.  Bryn slept until 8.15am - only slightly later than his natural wake up time at 7.30am.  Erik got up at 7.30am (usually is up at 5am) but had to go back to bed for a couple of hours at 9.30am!

I haven't painted in a week and I miss it, I'm just waiting for things to settle down at home.

Bryn is starting school on Monday!  I keep saying it, but I don't really believe it!  I won't be there to see him off. I will be working!  It's only a casual few hours at a neighbourhood house creche, and only for Monday coming, but there is talk of having me return as casual relief.  It's work, and we need the money.  Dave will see Bryn off to school on Monday morning, and I'll meet Dave at 1pm to pick Bryn up - work is, luckily, only one street over from the school!

Dave was supposed to be doing his driving test at 8.30 this morning, but last Wednesday we found out that it would cost $230 for his instructor to be at the test - something we hadn't been told before - and also that his instructor still things his reflexes are just a tiny bit too slow or cautious to pass the test.  The instructor told Dave that if I had a problem with him not taking the test, then I should call the instructor and he'd explain it to me.  I felt patronised by this comment!!!  I also want Dave to be a safe driver.  I don't want him to crash the car with my babies (and himself on board), BUT I feel the instructor has not prioritised preparing Dave for the test.  Over the past three months, Dave has only had 5 lessons.  He NEEDS to have two lessons a week!  It's been two years (today) since his lessons started.  We immediately went to book another lesson for first thing Saturday morning, and first available time slot was late May!  I pretty much threw a tantrum at this point because the instructor had insisted on that particular time slot back in October, and we'd had to wait three months from them - and he HADN'T prioritised Dave in those three months - now he was expecting us to way another 4.5 months.  I insisted on taking the first "non-rush-hour" available time slot.  That is next month - I won't say the date so as not to put pressure on Dave, but he WILL be ready by then.

When my house is messy, my mind feels messy...

I am really looking forward to falling into a bit of a routine next week.

2011 continues to bless us.  As it turns out, with all the flooding that happened in the big wet last night, many of our local roads are closed, so it's just as well Dave didn't have his test this morning as the roads are in chaos.  I didn't know why it was good to postpone the test on Wednesday, but I see it now.  As well as this, I've been keeping an eye out for a middle sized hand bag in recent weeks.  I have a small one I use all the time, but it's a little too small for far too often.  I also have a large bag, but that one is just a little too large for every day use.  This morning a friend on facebook decided to give away a gorgeous leather satchel and I was fortuniate enough to be on Facebook when she listed it!  Serendipity!  If I had a daughter, that would be her name!!!

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