Saturday, March 19, 2011

Biggest Full Moon in Almost Two Decades!

Happening tonight!

The Autumn equinox officially took place yesterday, but we'll be celebrating it in a couple of days time, and at the same time we'll be experiencing the full moon at it's closest position to the earth tonight, so she'll be bigger than ever!

The Moon was at her fullest about two hours ago, so she's actually already begun her wane, but this won't be enough to ruin the effect of tonights show (assuming we have a clear night for sky gazing!!!).

I'll be doing another loo paper ritual tonight - New Year's Eve's ritual really got things moving in the right direction, but this blockage is a doozie and I can tell another hefty push is necessary to clear out all the old debris that is providing obstacles in our path.

So, if you haven't read about the loo paper ritual (sounds delightful doesn't it?), it goes like this...

Get a roll of loo paper and a pen - preparing a ball point because it'll roll over the paper without dragging or snagging.

On the roll, write a list of all the stuff you DON'T want in your life any more.

It's nice to do this in a quiet space, maybe with some candles and essence oils steaming, just to be calm and relaxed seeing as this is a ritual of letting go.

Once you're list is complete meditate on each point of the list and picture the item listed melting away or fading away.

Then (my favourite part), flush the list down the loo!

I also like to burn some sage and do a general cleansing, just to cleanse the air of the house afterwards.

Let's let go of the rubbish in our lives!

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