Sunday, March 20, 2011

Introducing Friday Fiction!

Showers always fill me with inspiration!

I was in the shower before, thinking about editing my novel again, which led to thoughts of how I always seem to struggle to make time for writing, and then it came to me!

I'm going to start a "Friday Fiction" regular link-up on my blog!

I'm pretty sure, I've heard the term "Friday Fiction" somewhere before, so my apologies for not being terribly original. It's just kind of catchy, and Friday is the end of the working week, which means I can work towards something each week - I'm planning on writing a 500-750 word piece each week. It also happens to be five days from now, so a bit more convenient than "Monday Mutterings" or "Wednesday Words" considering I now have to produce something in time!

Starting this coming Friday (March 5th), I am going to publish a short-short story on my blog each week!

And you can join in - because I know so many of you are itching to exercise your writing muscles! I'll set up a linky so you can link to your very own Friday Fiction blog post, and we can all share some creative writing love and inspiration! Feel free to write in either prose or poetry form, but please don't simply link to whatever you blogged that day because I want this to be about creative fiction! 

Don't forget! See you Friday!

(eeek, what have I committed myself to now???)

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