Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A most important question...

What colour should the cover of my thesis be?

I received an email today addressing the matter of getting my thesis printed and hardcover bound before the graduation. I had completely forgotten I had to do this. It seems I need to have at least four copies printed, five if I want one (and you know I do!).

I have no idea how much this is going to cost. Too much, I suspect, considering our significant lack of ongoing funds. Oh well. It'll be nice to have it in print.

I can't seem to find any pricing anywhere but that's okay because I managed to distract myself with a question of utmost importance. Namely, which colour to have the thesis bound in.

Traditionally, theses are bound in sober, academic colours like navy or dark green or maroon, but you already know I'm not going to go there, don't you?

So, help me choose - which of the following colours are *Me*?

Bright Red
Dark Red
Oxford Red
Pink Diamond

What's your vote?

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