Thursday, March 03, 2011

Scarfs, scarfs, scarfs!

I've been researching the many different ways women cover their hair around the world.

I know as soon as you read this, chances are you're mind flies straights to images of women in hijabs, and probably right after that the word "oppression" starts chanting inside your head like a mantra.  I'm not here to talk about oppression, but I have to say, if you have a look on you tube at the videos of girls and women showing the many ways to wrap and adorn a hijab, you'll see no oppression in their eyes.  Granted, if you have a video camera and a you tube account, you probably don't represent the women who live in fear of persecution for uncovering their hair, but certainly for a large portion of muslim women, there is quite a lot of joy in the hijab - and I understand why, it is a beautiful garment!

However, the hijab is but one form of hair covering used around the world.  Married Orthodox Jewish women also often choose to wear a tradition hair covering called a Tichel.  Some wear them all the time, some only for special occasions like the sabbath.

African women also often wear hair coverings.  These range from small turbans, to the inverse conicle headdress sported by Erika Badu, to a haircovering called a Gele, which fans out like peacock feathers.

The reasons I've been looking at all this stuff are varied and probably a bit scattered... I want to shave off all my hair (I have done this twice before, so it's something I'm quite familiar with), and while I'm quite happy to get around with next to no hair.  That said, I do realise that teamed with my tattoos and piercings, I might come across as quite harsh looking.  Also, if I want to work - and my work is with small children - and I don't want parents to be too wary of me, I can cover both my tattoos and my crew cut hair and be less threatening, be more soft.

My ultimate goal is grow my hair very long, but keep it completely natural next time around.  My mother is my inspiration!  She has long, grey hair which she keeps in a plait.  I think she should wear it out more, but she isn't comfortable with that.  I love that she completely accepts her grey hair.  I have coloured my hair so much it has become very brittle.  I'm hoping to grow strong, healthy hair by cutting off all the damaged hair and caring for the new growth.

I wish I had hair like mum!

I've been experimenting with various styles of wrap, and the possibilities are almost endless, all you need is a little imagination!

dress down - dress up (looking a bit startled there...)

I think head scarves are under used and under appreciated these days!  I'm very excited about making these styles a part of my wardrobe!


Mr B said...

Ohhhh love it, you look groovy Sif.

ryivhnn said...

Crazy headscarfery! :D Great looks :)

And the advantage of growing up in a place like Christmas Island, failing to associate "Muslim" and "hijab" with "oppression" ;)

Maymuna said...

You look beautiful! I'm a muslim woman who proudly wears the hijab lol and I love your your creativness. Throughout history females have covered their hair and my religion teaches me that Mary is the best example for females to follow. Peace and love.

Good Job!