Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I know...

  • On Monday, Friday always looks like a long way away, by Thursday night I always wonder why I commit to getting things done by Friday
  • That job you secretly hope your husband won't get (and then doesn't get) will be the one you'll be jumping for joy about when he get a second interview (for the same job almost a year later).
  • Sitting on a green lawn, in the sun, eating hot chips with someone who really "gets it" is the best pick-me-up!
  • Korma with aniseed ROCKS!
  • Even if burping makes you want to hurl and scream abuse at the offending performer - when it's your two year old, you'll laugh all the same.
  • Mint Chocolate Aero ROCKS!
  • I may only have a 1/16 million chance of winning the lotto on Saturday night, but if I don't buy a ticket, I won't have any chance at all.
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Kate said...

Ooh thanks for reminding me I need to buy a ticket too!

And i want an aero. Bugger.

Sif Dal said...

Oh yeah, one of us is bound to win!

Good Job!