Sunday, March 13, 2011

Things that have made me smile recently...

I've decided to start a regular link in - here it is!

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple a days!  It's been a tad humid, but other than that it's been so lovely!  I know a few of my friends are not fans of warm weather and they should rest assured this weather won't last, but in the meantime, for the rest of us it's a delightful change!!!  When it is cold I only ever want to hyperbenate, but when it's warm and sunny I find myself filled with enthusiasm for life and a need to expend energy - isn't this the way with most creatures?

A number of things have filled me with joy lately and I thought I'd share a few of those with you all!

As I've mentioned before, I'll be shaving my head next month - and I'm raising money for Cancer Research, you can click on the banner there over to your right and donate if you wish. I've mentioned it a couple of times already this week but so far haven't been able to inspire anyone to donate. I'm not holding out much hope now that there has been an earthquake over in Japan and people will be wanting to donate their good will there, but if anyone could see their way to donate to Cancer Research, I - and many others - would be extremely grateful!

Oops, where was I?  Oh yeah, so I'm shaving off my hair next month, but my frizzy damaged ends were really getting to me, so I had a look at a few vids on You Tube and figured out how to cut myself a bob, and I'm very happy with the results!!! In this photo you can see the fringe still needed a little trim up on the left hand side (of this photo, my right), and I did that after I took the photo.  I also needed to get to some straggly bits here and there but in the end it looked FANTASTIC! It was so easy too!

Ari is in the process of dropping his final nap. All my children have done this at different ages.  Erik didn't drop his day nap until he was well over four! Even now (aged 11.5, he'll occasionally have a nap during the day on the weekend). Luey didn't actually have day naps until he was three, and then had them for about one and half years, but now not at all. Bryn was three and a half when stopped napping during the day, and hasn't napped since, unless he is sick. So, Ari is two and a third years and for the past couple of months he's been going without day naps for two or three days in a row and then crashing out suddenly during the day. Here is a picture of one such crash! Dave and I were chatting and Ari had climbed onto my lap and laid his head on my shoulder, so I knew he was sleepy, but he couldn't get comfortable. I set him down next to Dave on the couch and we continued talking then went out to the kitchen to look at something - Ari would normally just follow us out - and when we came back he was like this...

Oh, see that spot on his foot, it's not dirt, it's suntan! His sandals have a peep hole in the top of them and so he's tanned in just this one spot on each foot - it looks like stigmata!

Yesterday was a busy day! Dave and I had plans to go out on a dinner date (our first alone in 16 months) but before that I was taking delivery of this GORGEOUS cabinet for the kitchen! I have always wanted one of these! It fits perfectly in this space in the kitchen too, as if custom built! I am so very happy with it, and so glad Sue needed it out of her house because she is renovating her kitchen. Thank you Sue!

I wanted to point out that what I love most about this cabinet is the simple design and the warm colour of the wood. While I love intricate designs on my clothing and jewelry, when it comes to furnishings, I prefer simplicity and practicality, but I do like my furniture to feel warm and welcoming. This cabinet fulfills all those preferences!

Getting this cabinet meant that I could make good use of the Ikea Ivar shelves that had been standing in that spot in the kitchen. We recently retired our hall cabinet (it was collected by some folks from our nature strip just before the last hard rubbish collection - recycling hard at work), and since then the boys had been storing their school bags on their bedroom floors (ALL OVER their bedroom floors to be precise). So, I was casting about for a suitable storage solution near the front door (because that's where they'd most prefer to dump their bags the moment they get home, but also because it means we can access their bags at night after they are in bed - a very important point!). This is what our hallway looked like since the old cabinet retired and before the Ivar shelves moved in... Oh, this it in it's tidy state - which I was struggling to maintain.

Here it is afterwards...

And from the other side. A basket for hats on the top shelf - Dave's "man-bag" has a spot next to the basket. Erik and Luey's bags on the next shelf down. Bryn's (and later Ari's) bags on the third shelf down, and then two shelves for shoes (something we haven't had near the front door in this house until now).

I'm very happy with this solution!

So, things that made me smile recently?

  1. Learning how to cut a bob on my own hair (and saving at least $35 in the process)...
  2. The cuteness of my youngest...
  3. Living the dream of having my own wooden cabinet and hutch! (beautiful and practical!)
  4. Finding a storage solution for the entrance clutter!
Join me in remembering all the good stuff and sharing the smiles!


Sue said...

great to see the cabinet in action. I was going to ask for after photos :)

It really does fit so perfectly into that spot doesn't it!


Leah said...

I really want a cabinet similar to that, except I am going to paint it turquoise!

Love Ari's sleeping picture, I can't help but take pix of O nodded off myself LOL

Glow said...

I'm still laughing at Stigmata Tan :P

Good Job!