Sunday, March 27, 2011

Things that have made me smile recently...

Even when the weather is getting darker and more gloomy ever day, it's important to smile! Smiling not only relaxes your face muscle - relieving them of tension, but it's messages the brain to release feel good hormones, so smiling actually makes you feel better! Smiling has been shown to strengthen the immune system, and going into winter, we all need that! Here are some things that have made me smile recently...

Every time I walk past this carseat for 4-7 year olds, I find myself smiling for many reasons! First of all it was a generous gift from a friend, whose son had outgrown it (that boy is turn 8 soon, and was only a little baby when I first met him and his mum, awww!). Secondly, because it was a gift, that's $100 or so that can go towards our trip to Adelaide - for which we needed this carseat in the first place, instead of into buying a carseat for Bryn! Finally, it reminds me we'll soon have a licensed driver in the house, and a car of our own!

Dave been told he can skip the first round of interviews, and the company will contact him for second round interviews next week!

I've spent the afternoon revising finger knitting with Erik, in particular, and the boys. Erik has to teach his class an activity tomorrow, and after much - agnonising - deliberation, he's decided to teach them to finger knit! So, he needed to remember how to do, then practice teaching it to someone who didn't know how to do it. From all the finger knitting practice, they've made themselves various scarves, necklaces and wristbands. There were many exclamations of "This is soooo relaxing!", "I could do this ALL day", and "Wow, this is cool!", which have made me smile a lot today, 

One of my boys friends dropping by, unannounced to ask him to go to the park for a play.
(this makes me smile because it's like when I was a kid)

The impromptu fuzzy scarf I finger knitted for myself!

Finding out one of my poems was published!

Another generous gift! This time from a friend's mother who had bought herself a new laptop and wanted her old, but functioning, computer, out of the house! This makes me smile because having two computers has halved the bickering over who HAS to get on Mathletics RIGHT NOW (or they'll spontaneously combust). It also makes me laugh because my friend and I set up the computer in 10 minutes and we both know that had we left it up to her techy Ex or my ludite Dh, it would have take MUCH, much longer than 10 minutes (both guys had wanted to create problems where there really wasn't any problem, LOL).

What has made you smile recently? Write a post about the thing or things that have made you smile, and add it to the link up below!

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Jayne said...

Seeing that computer being used again makes *me* smile :) Lovely post all round. I have no idea how to finger knit, maybe Erik can teach me LOL!

Good Job!