Sunday, April 03, 2011

Budding Writers - Keep a Record!

Don't do what I've done and just submit work willy-nilly and then have celebratory drinks when you finally do get published and then FORGET to keep some sort of record of WHAT got publish and WHERE it got published and WHEN it got published.

Okay, so this might seem a bit "Duh!" to many of you, but surely, there are others out there like me (I have to live in hope I'm not the only one who has been this stupid!). So, I'm writing this for those of you who write, but aren't fastidious about keeping a record of your publishing achievements. Learn from my mistakes!

I'm trying to put together a resume for a publisher and it's looking a tad skeletal!

The thing is, I have a number of achievements under my belt. I edited the communications department annual anthology for my university some time back in the 90s, I just don't know what it was called or what year that happened. I had several stories and articles published in their university newspaper as well, but again, I couldn't tell you what. I received a commendation for a short story in the mid-90s, but in which competition? That's a mystery to me. Even more recent publications in an education magasine and another university publication, I'm having to ring around and ask others about... This is all stressful and my resume doesn't reflect my history of writing experience and publication at all.

And while I'm at it, I should have submitted more short stories over the past two decades, and entered more competitions! What was I thinking??? Hindsight is, as they say, 20/20!

Keep a record, even if it's just in scribbled handwriting!

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