Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Epic Coach Trip of 2011!

We're basically packed and ready to go! Tomorrow we'll head out and catch a train to Bendigo and then take a coach from there to Adelaide. This morning Bryn excitedly told Dave he was 'So excited because we're going BACK to Bendigo for a visit!' Dave said, 'Yeah, but you weren't born when we lived in Bendigo...' to which Bryn just smiled and said, 'I know...'

We leave Melbourne at 7.30am and get to Adelaide at 7.30pm - that's a lot of sitting for four active boys!

Dave and I are suitably SCARED!

Today we went and got the boys some books. Bryn got a couple of activity books with stickers, and Erik and Luey got a couple of novels in Spy and 'Things that make mum go EWWWW!' genres - the idea that once they've swapped back and fourth, they'll have four books each to read (hoping that'll be enough for the trip home as well).

There are also a couple of 'Find this' books (kind of like Where's Wally - only better in my opinion).

So, we'll be up with the birds (hahahaha <-- see what I did there?), and it'll be a breakfast of Up'n'Go and coffee (coffee is for us old people, so no flaming me in comments, okay). The boys will be excited about that!

Then o Saturday I'll receive my degree.

Don't worry, I'll spam my blog with pictures...

PS. If your thinking of breaking into our house - DON'T - it's under constant surveillance by someone better than a pitt bull - the old lady across the road!

PPS. A lovely friend has loaned us her DS, but the boys don't know yet. This mother has a crisis backup plan!


Bellisymo said...

Hey you don't know me (I am Bellisymo on EB and stumbled across your blog from a link there).
Just want to say Congratulations - have a great trip. Very Very well deserved. Can't wait to see the pictures.

Sif Dal said...

Thank you! There will definitely be pictures!

Good Job!