Saturday, April 23, 2011

It's going to be great!

The future that is...

When Dave has a job and I'm a sucessful writer with a job as a lecturer, and we have our own house (with no landlards or house inspections, or impending development of the site), and Dave has a licence and we have a Kia Carnival.

It's going to be awesome when the boys can do extra-curricula activities like drawing classes and tennis, and guitar and dance!

It's going to be fantastic when we can book a holiday to Queensland and stop in and visit my rellos there, and send the kids off to the resorts kids activities while we have a massage and a soak in the spa!

It's going to be wonderful when I can buy that leather lounge I've been dreaming of for so long - the one with matching recliners - to set in front of the massive tv that I can see from fair across the room like a regular sighted person!

It's going to be terrific to be able to fly the whole family over to visit my parents in the Barossa, and hire a bus for us all to drive up to Whyalla in so I can show the boys where I live and went to school when I was there age.

It's going to amazing when all of this happens!

But it's pretty good right now, too!

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Mr B said...

I love the way you look at things Sif :-)

Good Job!