Monday, April 18, 2011

My happy place!

Today I went to my happy place.

I feel a bit guilty about it because it's not at home with my boys (who are fantastic and I cherish them!), and it's not with my husband (who is my rock!).

Today I went to Deakin Uni, and Deakin itself is not necessarily my happy place, it could have been Melbourne Uni or Canberra Uni, or almost any University really.

It was a sunny day, and Jayne and I had coffee and sushi (her) and an apple and cinnamon muffin (me) and we sat by a grassy lawn under a brilliant blue sky with a light breeze on us. Then we went into an auditorium with two huge white screens adorn with words projected from plastic sheets and listened to a man tell us what other men and women had thought and written about sociology.

The topic could have been anything, really - philosophy, law, communications, writing - okay, maybe not programming or physics - it was the act of learning that made me so happy!

I feel so at home on a campus amongst the young people trying to find themselves and each other. I'm old compared to most of them, but that doesn't matter. I don't FEEL old! I feel ALIVE!

I am so grateful to have a close friend going to my local university so I can live vicariously through her until I can find an excuse to get back there myself!

Where is your happy place? Where do you feel alive?

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