Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Public service announcements!

I thought I'd better do a bit of housekeeping (I may post something else later today because I know how many of you loathe housekeeping... Gimme a B, gimme an O, gimme a R, I, N, G!)...

As many of you will have noticed, I've taken down the link to my World's Greatest Shave page. The finally tally was an AWESOME $281!!!  I'm so proud of all my friends!!! That was a great effort folks, and causes me to walk with my bald head a little higher than I might have had shaving it not contributed to such a worthy fund!

I think it's especially important to model charity for our children. Erik was wondering what his class mates might think about his mum shaving all her hair off, and I suggested to him that to avoid feeling bad if he was teased about my lack of hair, he could choose to take the stance that he is proud of the fact that I made this choice to raise money and awareness for people and their families who have NO CHOICE but lose all their hair because of the cancer treatments they have to undergo in the hopes of fighting of the disease of cancer. I am looking at other options for raising money for various charities in the future as it feels good to do something positive like this! You should all be proud of yourselves!!!

While the World's Greatest Shave button is gone, you'll notice two new buttons have turned up in the right hand columns of my blog. These are a little more self-serving, but bear with me, please! The first is the Sydney Writer's festival Vote For My Blog button which is a portal to a page where you can vote for my blog (and others you might know), if you think I should be in with a chance to win a prize in this competition. So, if you love my blog, please go there and vote for me!!! (if you don't LOVE my blog, please send me an email and suggest how I might improve it!)

The other addition to the right hand columns is my new Facebook Page button. This will take you to the Facebook Page I've set up to promote myself as a writer, and blogger. This is where you can receive all the regular updates of my blog posts, as well as news about my most recent writing endeavours, publishing acceptances and those inevitable rejection letters. I will also post there about interesting links and events I've discovered or am attending which relate to writing. Please head over and 'Like' my Facebook Page!

I promise my next blog post will be a little more interesting reading!

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