Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Some days as a writer are EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING!!!

Yes, I am yelling. My apologies for that.

Today I received a rejection letter for my novel. It was the first one, and on the whole I'm okay with that. They said my novel didn't suit their list. That could mean anything, of course. It is the most polite way to say, "You have to be kidding, right? As if we'd publish THAT!" I'm okay with that, many fabulous writer's have been told the very same thing over and over and over again. The answer is to keep assessing and having the novel assessed by people who know, and to keep working on improving the novel. I found some lectures I'm going to sign up for in May to do just that!

Then I came across an announcement for a publishing competition, it was PERFECT for my novel! Unfortunately, one of the rules of the competition is that to manuscript should not be under submission anywhere else. Bugger! While I received one rejection letter today, I haven't heard back from the other publisher - but here's the REAL RUB - if the other publisher rejects my manuscript they WILL NOT get back to me. Basically, when you submit to this other publisher, if you haven't heard from them in three to four months, you can assume they've rejected you.  They may have already rejected my manuscript (making me eligible for this competition) but I still won't know until August (well after submissions close for the competition). The chances of me a) winning the competition AND b) being accepted by the other publisher are very slim at best, but I'm still stuck waiting to not hear back from the other publisher until August.

This is extremely frustrating because it's so difficult to get published in the first place, especially when publishers don't even confirm that they're not interested in your manuscript and other publishers don't want manuscripts that have been submitted elsewhere.

Today, I feel like pulling my hair out (lucky I don't have any hair to speak of).

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