Saturday, April 16, 2011

Things I know... The Walking Edition.

Things I know about walking...

  • It's free! So, a person on a limited budget can afford it!
  • You do it at your own pace and there is no obnoxious guy or girl in spandex yelling, "Go hard or Go home!" at you - well, unless you pay through the nose for a personal trainer.
  • It's a great way to reconnect with older children - you know, by dragging them along!
  • It's a great way to get older children out of the house, away from the screens, and using up some of that pent up energy during the holidays!
  • Vanity doesn't pay when you walk - just ask my blistered and aching feet!
  • It's a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and then repeating that process a few thousand times - it's a lot of like life, it can feel overwhelming at time, especially if you set yourself the goal of 6km a day, but in the end it's just one foot after another and each step gets you closer to the goal, so if you just focus on each individual step, you'll get there before you know it!
  • Walking is a form of meditation (you know, once the kids are back at school and there is less talk).

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Kate said...

I MUST start walking again, for my mental health as
much as physical.

Although buckleys of 6k with 40kg of pram and kids to push lol, will aim for 3 or 4 I think :)

shae said...

I'm with Kate! I miss it-must get back into it

Sif Dal said...

Yeah, I found I was making all sorts of excuses not to, mostly the inability to get out on my own, especially during the hols and then I read about Leah taking her kids and realised I had no excuse! So, now I take two or three kids (not Bryn, he wouldn't make it just yet). When school goes back, I'll walk the boys to school and head out from there so it's out of the way early in the day.

Good Job!