Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things that have made me smile recently...

I've had many reasons to smile recently, but here are just a few!

Getting back into walking and walking 25km in the past four days! I've been needing to do this for my health (physical and mental) for a long time, and this week I decided none of my excuses were good enough for NOT walking, so I just needed to get on with it and do it!

My youngest's screeches and giggles of delight over being tickled!

The sound of my eldest complaining about people making a mess in the kitchen - because he's been doing the dishes for the last few days - I knew the day would eventually come when he'd feel my frustration!

My second youngest's rich imagination - sticking a googly eye to his forehead so he can be a three eyes alien!

Hot showevers on cold days! Amazing!

The way my boys can (sometimes) be so sweet with each other - especially on cold days during the holidays!

My eldest helping me erect some shelves!

Said shelves standing in my hallway! These made me smile a LOT! I had wanted EXACTLY these shelves (some colour, style and brand) for this space for the past couple of months but there was NO WAY I could afford to buy them. Then yesterday a friend put a message on Twitter that she was GIVING away these shelves to anyone who wanted them. I responded with an enthusiastic YES! before even considering how I'd haul them back to my place, but she was happy to bring them over the same day. PERFECT! Thanks Jen!

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